Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Last Survivor

The Col isn't THAT interested in Garretson simply because I don't believe he has anything new to offer us as scholars and because by believing in "Rosie" he lost any credibility he might have had. Still my worldwide audience wants updates. This seems like it might be true.

From Rockalittle on the Mark Turner Message Boards---

"When I first spoke to William, he had been through some accidents. He lost his legs due to an accident on his motorcycle. According to him, and his room-mate, he also was losing his sight as well. He was very friendly..almost oddly, as he didn't know me, but welcomed my phone calls openly. His room-mate was a young girl that had a small child. Their relationship was strictly platonic. She basically took care of him. He refused to talk openly about the murders, due to possible brain damage from the accident, although his speach didn't seem impaired at all. erhaps he simply didn't wish to speak about the murders. I don't know...
He has been through hell.
He is not close with his kids either. And he doesn't seem to have much money.
It's seems like an ironic twist of fate for somebody that suvived the tragic Tate scene, only to have have suffered a tragic turn of events himself. I used to call every couple of weeks, as he seemed pleased to have somebody to talk to to. He seemed lonely, and strangely distant all at once. I have a school friend that lives only 20 minutes from where he resides, and there was talk of me visiting if I ever got to Ohio. It was a very odd situation, that I slowly lost interest in.
He had a falling out with his room-mate, and she moved out.
She still sends me e-mails from time to time, but we don't discuss William any longer.
Sadly, he is no longer mentally stable(if he ever was) enough to shed any light on the events of the tragic night in 1969.
I do feel very sorry for him.
He has been through a hell of a lot in his life.
Certainly more than one should expect to go through.
I sometimes feel guilty for abonding my telephone friendship with him, but as I said, the conversations got very strange. He often contridicted himself, and it got spooky. I feel that is all I want to say without fully revealing what we spoke about.
Trust me, it was very odd and became increasingly odd...
You could tell he has been to hell and back...
I still do this day, feel very very sorry for him. Sorry if my spelling is bad..I am tired...."


Pristash said...

That's very sad. Too bad too cause this guy could make a friggin foruten if he would only come clean about what the real deal is, and how it all went down, etc.

nellieoleson said...

hes not that stupid to tell what happened, he wont snitch

Bruce Hall said...

Unlike you White Rabbitt. You better hope Tex NEVER gets out buddy. You fingered Charlie with those bodies burried at Barker Ranch.
Tex and Bruce might not take kindly to what you told Nellie.

Elmer Fudd said...

But you will huh wabbitt??? ooooops I'm sorry...NELLIE...Elmer Fudd