Monday, January 02, 2006

Treasure Chest

Wouldn't it be great, The Col was just thinking, if the Fitzgerald or Ebay Guy (first name Stan I have found out) sold their collection and buried in it was a crumpled piece of paper that was the proverbial smoking gun. Like what? I don't know...

....memo from Bug to Stovitz stating "I don't believe you said that Aaron but I am gonna get Manson for this even if I have to manufacture a motive myself."

...memo from Bug to Kasabian Legal Team "Make sure when they ask your client what the hell you were doing driving on a second night of murder that you make a ruckus and shout 'I've spoken the truth Charlie and you know it."

... letter between LA District Attorney's office and Terry Melcher's attorney assuring him that all references to legal agreements made between him and Manson are off limits.

The game is endless. Come on play along!


nellieoleson said...

well col happy new year

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grimtraveller said...

Play along ?
OK, Charlie overheard telling 3 cops "You guys say I can't read ? You're so dumb you couldn't read the clues we gave you at Tate and LaBianca ! Sheesh !!"