Monday, January 02, 2006


I have been asked in private why I "hate" people like Jan Urbin at the KTS site. I don't hate them- I fear them. This is an exampleIN MY OPINION of an unbalanced person, someone who hears what they want to hear and says what they want to say without taking even ten freaking seconds to look up the truth.

Just a week ago the learned Col came up in KTS and the only person to say that he was a jerk was Jan Urbin. Hence, my continued mockery of Jan Urbin. Now read two recent posts....

I never did Bren. Here's the story in a nutshell ~ Roughly two years ago (I don't remember exactly when I joined KTS) I mentioned in a post that I have heard and read that Bobby B was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, which is a white supremist group. I did not say it was true, I said that is what I have heard and read. Well, the Col got all pissed off by my saying that and said it wasn't true. He said I shouldn't be saying things that I didn't have the facts on. I wouldn't have cared too much, except he sent me a Nasty~Gram privately in my e-mail, kind of like he did with the greeting card thing. Apparently he has an affinity for Bobby B and I struck a nerve.
That was a long time ago, so I have no idea what is problem with me now is. He is entitled to his opinion, but so am i! The only other thing I can think of is that he has something to do with the court transcripts on E-Bay. I did make a comment that whoever that person was needed to learn how to spell LaBianca before they write a book. It was written several times a Lobianca. I was being funny! Ha Ha!
Who knows? It's nice to know I had such a lasting effect on Col Scott! My name was in Bold letters! How flattering! I, however, don't like some of the other things he said about other KTS members. We weren't in the 'chocolate hearts of love' category! Maybe next year! I know there are people here at KTS who are friends with Harold, so I will say no more, but I wanted to tell you the story. I am not worried about his comments. I have bigger fish to fry than him!

I love the ignorant. NO YOU DO NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO AN OPINION. NONE OF US DO. THERE IS NOTHING IN THE CONSTITUTION THAT GIVES YOU A RIGHT TO AN OPINION. Thanks to freedom of speech you have a right to an INFORMED OPINION. Otherwise, nothing.
And NO, I have nothing to do with the ebay sale except I am interested. That is all. And get glasses- you were not in BOLD you were in caps.

I'm glad he doens't hate you. I make it a policy not to 'hate' anyone, but maybe he does hate certain people ~ possibly me! I do agree with his opinion about the war. I am against it, no ifs ands or buts. It feels like we are in another Vietnam.
I could be wrong, or have him confused with someone else, but didn't he also have a problem with some of us in the group who believed that Scott Peterson was guilty. He didn't believe it. Was that him? I don't remember exactly, but I know there was someone here who thought he was innocent. No matter, everyone has their opinions.
Oogly is my buddy and I will not speak badly of him. He makes me laugh and certainly adds something to the group. I don't know what the Col has against him, but that is his opinion and his alone.
I do enjoy that their are different opinions. That's what keeps the group exciting. I don't like the fighting either. Especially when the situation gets out of control, like when Heaven got the threatening e-mail. There is no excuse for that.
Maybe the Col will tell someone else what his problem is with me. I may never know. I can't worry about it. I love the group and I am not leaving again.

No, I always believed that Peterson did it- who else could have, handy satanists? LOL. I dislike you because up to a week ago you spread venom about ME and now act like you never did. I do not hate because you are not worth hate.

Oogly is unfunny, stupid, without knowledge or insight. That means he should be ignored. My problem with Oogly is that by his very name he mocks Debra Tate. One of the victims that your group is supposed to "honor". Love or hate Debra I don't care. Explain to me Jan or anyone why this fool is allowed to have a screenname that MOCKS A VICTIM?

Some of you internet folks are unbalanced. I need to spend less time thinking about you so you can go back to neglecting your children.

A reply has been posted to the Col

Why don't you just email me instead of posting my name on your blog. I did
not spread venom about you. I just said that I had an unpleasant experience
with you a few years back. You joined in the fray of bashing the Col. How can you claim otherwise? I did not attack you, I was stating what had
happened. If I still had the email (not worth keeping) I would refresh your
memory. I remember everything quite well. You said something asinine and I challenged your knowledge. I was not very nice to you when I did so.I'm sorry you think I am unbalanced, but that is your opinion.My INFORMED opinion based on your posts.
There are different opinions and theories being brought up in KTS all the
time and I don't see you bashing anyone else.No, I left the place because, as Sue pointed out today, differing opinions were NOT wanted. Well, other than Steve.OOGLY is a FOOGLY. Do
me a favor ~ Do not email me or post me on your blog. You know nothing
about me, so don't pretend you do.Why should the great COL do YOU any favors?

As far as Scott Peterson goes, I couldn't remember if it was you who thought
he was innocent, but did not think so. I was just asking.And I answered.

And remember Col Scott ~ Judge not, lest ye be judged!Aww shit Bill Nelson has possessed this person! Send for an Exorcist!!!!


Middleagedmidget said...

Please please

My nearing middle aged eyes can hardly read the small writing. Next time please use normal size letters.


ColScott said...

hey I understand your plight

I use small type when there is a lot but will try harder next time

I am sorry

Brenna said...

I noticed that you mentioned the name Bren at the beginning of the post. That is my name and I was wondering if you were addressing me because to my knowledge this is the first time I have come across you or your blog.