Monday, January 16, 2006


What the hell is it about the TLB world that makes losers want to impersonate people? The attention? Mental illness?

The Col, NOT as part of his research, has personally come across in old school LA no less that 6 people who claimed they were invited to Cielo the fateful night for a party. Of course there was never going to be a party. There's easily ten times as many people out there who spin that same tale as regards themselves. Why? It doesn't seem like a cool thing. A claim you missed death? Even though you know it was a lie?

There was that kid that jerked Nelson and the media off in the late 80's claiming to be the son of Ouisch and Paul Watkins.

There was the fake Ouisch who contacted Nelson many years later. She was actually Clark Ronson of the original TLB board. Who was a phony agitator himself and imposter.

Who else am I missing?

But the Oscar goes to Rosie Tate Polanski, claiming to be the unborn (male) child that Sharon was carrying.

And she got the other nutter, Garrettson, to think she was real.

That's insanity to the nth degree.

We learned Garrettson lost his legs recently. Did the men with nets come grab Rosie?


Bruce Hall said...
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Bruce Hall said...
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ColScott said...

yes that was the fake ouisch

Rabbitt is just a pedophiilic waste of space

Bruce Hall said...
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Jane Doe said...

I am sending the following post written by Cappy (not to be mistaken for Catherine Gillies), at her request. She was unable to send this herself due to the limitations of WebTv.

Don't forget the lie about living at Spahns at the time that Ronald Hughes disappeared. Spahns had already burned down by that time. There is also the lie that a lot of famous people came and hung out at the ranch. People like Patti Duke, Desi Arnez, Kurt Douglas and Burt (I'll have to go look up who he said that was and then send it to you) was confirmed that NONE of those people hungout at Spahns. Also tell them that it has been confirmed by a main player at Spahns, (the same on that confirmed what is above) that Rabbitt was there...BUT..only for
a very BRIEF time, that Rabbitt and another young boy were there OFF and ON a few weeks...or MAYBE off and on for 30 days BEFORE the murders and that he knew nothing and was not a main member. He wasn't charlies right hand man. He wasn't trusted by the Family. This information is NOT from Sandy OR Squeaky...but from another main player in the Family.


Bruce Hall said...
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nellieoleson said...

in defence of whie rabbitt
true he was not a main player and not in the inter circle, but he does have facts and inside information,and is willing to provide informaion about a ink to charlie that lead to a murder and power grag durning the trial, if your interested all u have to do is email him at or call him at 512-440-1846 only if u will research the information he provides,