Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Am I the First Person to Ever Think This?

Okay so follow my train of thought, it's glaringly obvious and not even ingenious- it is actually SO obvious that I wonder if I am the first person to ever think this, okay?

How many murder scenes do you know of where somebody wrote something cryptic in blood on the walls?

1- Hinman
2- Tate
3- LaBianca

Can you go beyond that? I mean, there might be one or two others. Maybe. But I cannot think of them. They aren't famous ones I would wager.

No, we'd have to agree that writing in blood on the walls with the victim's blood is pretty damn rare. EVEN in the wacky sixties when shit was flying fast and furiously, this seems an unusual clue, no?

So maybe the girls weren't screwy when they thought about copycats.

Tate Bloody Writing plus LaBianca Bloody writing- the reasonable person would EXPECT it to track back to Hinman. True, it would have helped to write the SAME SHIT that Bobby wrote on the walls- but, hmm, MAYBE they didn't KNOW just what he wrote.

Look at this headline. The papers and police linked Tate and LaBianca from the beginning no matter what BUG writes in HS.

Why did it not link back to Hinman?

The Family and Charlie had to ASSUME it would, no? Then they stop and flee to the desert and are surprised when it doesn't.

I guess what I am saying in a roundabout way- in retrospect, it seems OBVIOUS that the three killings are similar... and though I can see why they never concluded it WAS a copycat, why did the cops never do the opposite, like "Hey man, check it this is the third hard core murder with blood writing on the wall?"

Am I missing something?


Bruce Hall said...

Just an Fyi .... The Charliemanson.com site appears to be back up.

The message board is not yet available but the main forum looks like it's back up but on a new host.

nellieoleson said...

what about joel pugh in england and jack and jill went up a hill was writen on the wall

ColScott said...

well we haven't even begun to look into the easiness in which cops seemed to have accepted SUICIDE back then.

Zero anyone?

Pristash said...

Well, no one ever accused detectives of the LAPD of being smart...where's Columbo when you need him? According to Bugliosi, the Tate detectives were of the old school, probably didn't want to be bothered, while the LaBianca detectives were younger, hungrier, more willing to do the actual work of investigation...they were the ones to ask those questions you mentioned.

The other thing about the bloody writing that is so damn ironic is that the LAPD released to the press what was written in blood at the LaBianca's EXCEPT for the HEALTER SKELTER on the refrigerator. The case could have been broken the very next day by Melcher, Wilson, Jacobsson and any number of others...Watkins, DeCarlo...if only they had released that info....

Salem said...

Darwin Scott.
But not like the other murder scenes.
But that month ( may)
Charlie and others took Pat to see her mom in Ala. that month.

Salem said...

Zero anyone? *

where's lil patty these days?