Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Tex Ministry Expose 1

Here we get Tex AND Nellie the Molester AND Jerry Rivers. We get Doris' outrage. It's all just way too much happiness. Enjoy it kiddles.


snooproose said...

This just turns my stomach. How does this stupid piece of shit get away with this! Now that both doris tate and bill nelson are dead, who is making sure that tex's ministry is not a sham? I hope someone beats him to a pulp! *jen*

ColScott said...

no one
it still exists
I get three requests for money a year
all because I bought a book

Salem said...

maybe Kristen is.

4Sharon said...

What turns my stomach more than the sham ministry is the FREAKIN CONJUGAL visits - his allowing to have sex and have kids!!!!!!!!!! What kind of punishment is THAT???? All at our expense! He's allowed to enjoy life and the victims were not given that chance! That is what is SICK..then, on top of that, yes, it is even more disgusting that he can rake in all that money! No justice.

catscradle77 said...
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closed blog said...

Instead of being outraged at Tex Watson for making peanuts in some mickey mouse ministry, you should be more outraged at all of the "ILLEGAL" immigrants that come to Mexifornia and other states to tap into the american dream of Welfare and Healthcare.

The american people are notoriously ignorant for being outraged at the most trivial of things and just turning a blind eye to flagrant taxpayer ripoffs perpetrated by your elected officials.

lol, hey, If you're Tex Watson, what have you got to lose? He's already in jail.

pekoe3001 said...

This haunts me.. an what women would want to have kids with soem one who ripped outan stabbed a 8 month old fetus,, just SICKOS