Friday, August 04, 2006

Paul Watkins Interview 1

To commemorate our group read of the Paul Watkins book, the Col presents - PAUL WATKINS. This is the only interview I have ever seen with Paul other that the Hendrickson documentary.
"I was acting out my antisocial tendencies"
"He controlled these young women"- odd, that is not in his book.
This is one year before Paul died at age forty and he looks and sounds like shit.
Watch him- he tries to remember things through the new BUG filter and stammers over the new answers.
Anyway, 1989 here's Little Paul!
(nice hair on Maureen Reagan lady!)
(and what is up with his teeth? he looks like Eddie Munster all grown up)


Yepyep said...
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meatpile said...

Thanks Col. It seems like the experience shaped his life.

Jane Doe said...

It's sad to listen to him. He sounds so horrible, repeating himself over and over again. I wonder when this guy quit taking drugs, not counting what he needed to treat his cancer.

closed blog said...
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Deb B said...

Maureen Reagan - daughter of Ronald who died a couple years back herself from skin cancer.

The dude who played Eddie Munster - much worse looking than Paul at his worst.

foraplex sucks said...

he looks like a male nurse on crack.


degenerati said...

Nick Bougas posted the audio of a cassette tape that Little Paul had sent him( in response to a letter), and he mentions that he had been receiving "treatment" from Crocket - at $100 per session - in which Crocket told him to stop his chemotherapy, and just use the mind over matter skills Crocket taught him. Little Paul eventually realized that he was just submitting to yet another guru who did not have his best interests at heart. Little Paul then said he had returned to the care of a hospital. Perhaps a bit too late me thinks...