Sunday, August 06, 2006

CandyGramma's Gang of Subliterate Cretins

I was trying to let the real world dates catch up with the blog.
And I did.

Here's the deal-

I am COL SCOTT. It doesn't matter whether I am one person or three. I am Col Scott and I have been since Internet research into this case started.

I am often accused of being Don Murphy. The morons from Candy Gramma's board call him a film director. He is a film producer according to In any case I am not he. I am unsure of why anyone would THINK I am he Except that a guy named Dave from KTS who drives trucks and dates strippers once accused me of being Don Murphy and then we went on for a year as a joke that I had hired him as my personal driver. I was also accused by Adam GoRightly of being David Frechelle, a disbarred attorney practicing law in Torrance California. I am also not he.

I am certainly not Savage. While I enjoy his outrageous posts from time to time, he mostly just states things that are palpable nonsense. And I never would delete my posts.

My email is I have joined some yahoo groups as cortex_jnr. That is it.

But that's me- what you see if what you get.

What some of the dildoes out there (like Candygramma ((pictured)) and her group) don't get is that THIS IS THE INTERNET. Now I never accused this clown Poche of anything illegal. He is as dumb as nails, but that is not a crime. In any case, you cannot slander or libel Poche because POCHE is not real. It is a name. An alias. It is not a real person. He/she/it was accused by somebody in the comments of being a molester or something. I don't know. I do know he's a dick who should be ignored.

Larry Melton is a registered sex offender for having sex with underage human beings. He is a real person. This makes him reprehensible scum. In My opinion. And those who include him in his group therefore associate with scum.

When I post I post as the Col. Period. End of sentence. Any other argument is spurious and stupid.

Yes I am working on a book with other persons. So what? And if I WERE Don Murphy I would probably know some book agents and have the damn thing published by now.

There have always been ignorant people out there. SOMEBODY has to clean out public lavatories. If you go to CG's group you will realize there isn't a brain among them. Pity them. Then flick ashes on the floor for them to mop up.

This blog exists TO DISCOVER THE TRUTH.

I put up videos and book synopses at GREAT TIME COST so that you can be as educated as I am and MAYBE one of you will catch something that I missed and make this whole thing make sense.

I don't have time to hide behind multiple ids or to delete my posts like a pussy.

I am COL SCOTT. Whether you are OOGLY or GLO or any other internet retard, go ahead, play your games. You are sad because you don't know shit about anything.

Sad. Pathetic. Worthless.


Skyhook said...

Thanks Col'!

uncle ace said...
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catscradle77 said...
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Yepyep said...
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Dragunov said...

Nice one, Col!

Salem said...
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Salem said...


Salem said...


Heaven said...

Hurray! The blog is now moderated!
Excellent Col Scott, sometimes you just have to do what you have to do.

It's great to have you back!



60skid said...
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WendyK said...

Thanks Col'! I knew it was only a matter of time before you let them have it . What a wonderful Monday morning surprise!

Heaven said...

Are there any other annoyed wives you could expose them to? lol


1969cielodrive said...

For anyone interested:

Re: [charlesmanson_and_family] Re: Hey Donny boy

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm kernal-- NOW who is a MORON???????
Anyone KNOWS that you can get the IP addresses by going into the group-- click on
any persons post, on the right side-- is this * Show Message Option *
click on that- click on this------View Source
it shows the full headers (in case you are intelligent to know what that means it means it shows where the email started, where it went etcetc)
So you dont HAVE to get individual emails to your email addy to get IPs.
Wadda Maroon....LOL
Hey HUN-- you dont have to thank me for showing you how to navigate thru Yahoo..
we cater to all types of people-- even yours.................roflmao

Candygramma is really showing her ignorance. Any IP address can be masked, faked or spoofed. My IP address shows that I live in Spain. Which I do not. She's too stupid to know that HelterSkelter_aug_1969 lives in southern California but his IP address shows he lives in Korea, China and other parts of the UK. LOL. Who's the moron now Candygramma? We always knew it was you and now you've proved it.

1969cielodrive said...

Re: [charlesmanson_and_family] Re: Hey Donny boy

hey asshole, for it to be criminal threat, i would have to threaten you with bodily harm... a threat of the "minds" is not a criminal offense. unless your name is "hilter." if you want my IP i'll be glad to send it to you. I'm in the book if you want my phone number, although wabbitt has posted my business phone a few times already. i'm ready to do the battle of the wits with you col. unlike you, my husband passed his bar examines. and he taught me plenty about the law. and what he didn't teach me, i learned on my own during 21 years of working with the courts. SO, FUCK YOU!!!
Glo is unable to have a battle of wits with the Col, she's unarmed. But it's funny as hell to watch her come unglued. GO COL!

1969cielodrive said...

Re: [charlesmanson_and_family] the col and hi sblog

cg, he is don murphy.
he did do a few "d rated" movies.. and he is trying to publish a book. more to come... with evidence to follow.

In a message dated 8/7/2006 12:47:08 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, candygramma_70@... writes:
As for the kernal I was TOLD by a member of his group that he was Don Murphy- Why would one of HIS co horts say he was this person if he isnot. I honeslt donot know NOR do I care actually. I just cant picture someone like him being a movie producer.
As for writing a book and whining aobut needing a publisher-- too bad he doesnt know the authors I know and he could ask them for help in getting a publisher.
I know an author that writes TRUE Crime.
But folks I may say he is a producer? But I dont think he has the ummmmmmmm sense to be one.. Like I play a movie producer on TV -- similar to I slept at the Holiday Inn last night.
If Candygramma exposed the Col, wouldn't she already know all this without Glo (the unarmed one) pointing it out?
Stupid runs wild in that group.

JWL1978 said...

The caliber of Col's detractors speak more accurately to the excellence of his character than any supporter, no matter how candid or genuine, ever could.

Long live the Official Tate-LaBianca Murders Blog.

1969cielodrive said...

Candygramma is great for a laugh. No matter what the subject is, she 'knows' someone. Today she 'knows' someone who writes true crime. Keep watching because in about 10 minutes, she'll 'know' someone else.

chasingbunnies said...

Hi Col!
Glad to see you back! I guess you told them! Those creeps, they were begininng to bum me out. This is such a nice, well done blog. Don't let anyone drag you into their childish jealous rants because they can't do this as well as you can!

1969cielodrive said...

A meeting of the mindless:

Re: [charlesmanson_and_family] Re: the family

i agree with jen. the col takes a rest on the weekends and then he uses any one of his "alter egos," but letting them do all his dirty work.


In a message dated 8/7/2006 1:24:43 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, candygramma_70@... writes:
someone said he may be actually busy at the moment-- and will be back -- so lets

jenmelendez78 wrote:

that blog is such a waste of time. now that colscott and savage are
the same guy did you notice how dead it is over there?
It seems like Colscott just vanished meaning he's out there hiding
under yet another name.
i see his cronies are now bashing gloria and poche over there too.

Glo and Jen, we already know most of the ID's here belonged to you morons and to Poche, the village idiot. Aw, did you ignorant bitches get bashed over here? If you can play with the big boys, stay out of the ring. You're both useless, mindless and pathetic. Maybe if Jen had better things to talk about besides this blog, she could be taken more seriously.

1969cielodrive said..., "Poche"
> If there is a link on your blog that you associate me with something to
> do with or accuse me of being a "SO" you better watch out. Terms of use
> you prick. Not to mention slanderous.
> I will bring down that blog dear to your fucking heart, lol.
> You better clean house right now bitch....ahh but it might be too late.
> We make copies of that shit.
> Poche

I bet the Col is just shaking in his boots. In case anyone is wondering, Poches' parents were brother and sister. You can't help but laugh at the village idiot. The same idiot who sends emails to child molestation victims asking for the dirty details. Maybe he should be turned into his ISP, they might be interested in one of their users harassing rape victims.

Will post more later.

Salem said...

Heaven said...
Are there any other annoyed wives you could expose them to? lol


love it!

Joe said...

Ok, "Eddie Hayes" and "Col. Scott is Savage,"let's hear what ya got to say to that.

Don't you go into the bunker ("waiting for the dates to catch up" -- hah!) like He did.

Heaven said...

Salem said...
Heaven said...
Are there any other annoyed wives you could expose them to? lol


love it!

I knew you'd like that LOL


catscradle77 said...
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60skid said...
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Deb said...

Yeah Colonel, I am glad you are back.

I wish you would answer my email though :)


1969cielodrive said...

catscradle77 said...
1969 said:
My IP address shows that I live in Spain. Which I do not.

>>>I am sooooo confused...I thought we were gonna be on Court TV and there would be no you moved to Spain away from the dry creek....(lol)...

No problem! I can still be there. It's not me who's in Spain, only my IP address. lol

Synesthesiac said...

I would have gotten smart with the trolls but then I decided not to would they know ?

1969cielodrive said...

Re: [charlesmanson_and_family] the blog

Yes there are some in true crime that act this way-- but the biggest group of childish mimmature challengfed people you find in political groups-- boy just look like you are right or left they cut you to ribbons .. IMO THEY are the worst groups to be in..
they call each other every name but their own.. cg
She can't spell and we're the ones who are challenged? WTF is mimmature?

catscradle77 said...
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deadwoodhbo said...

Col what a AWESOME POST!!!!!!!!!! thank you so much i have had my run ins with candygrandma and her idiots includeing tanya ,white lost in space rabbitt and raven.I have been booted out that group so many times and funny thing is they never seem to talk about manson.
Your site i hope will continue along time.

catscradle77 said...
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1969cielodrive said...

Re: the col and hi sblog

I would take kernal up on the offer, cg.

I will not post on the blog.

C__t say that I wont call Heaven on her C__t problem.

Whadya say....we can rid ourselves of this failed producer.


His fascination with Heaven's past is not only scary, I think it's downright dangerous. Maybe it's time for Heaven to contact her local authorities.

jollywest said...

Col-Thanks for the site and allowing posters to express their opinion. Since this site went up, I have enjoyed reading the posts of the regulars on this board.

spookycatz said...

Looooong live this blog!

Now, can we get back to our business of finding the truth instead of wasting bandwidth on all these trolls?

In case anyone missed it today's date is 8/7/06. Surely there is something better to speculate on than the lack of some peoples (trolls) intellect and character....

Just my thoughts....

Welcome back Col!


Heaven said...

Thank you for telling me CieloDr, but I had already been forwarded that post from a member over there.

I've been contacted by a few members who've told me that they're sick of Poche obsessing about my past, that it's creepy and scary. I'm betting that anytime soon now some one over there will tell him to shut up about it cause people get tired of the same things being said over and over.

The more he obsesses with me, the worse he makes himself look...

I have more than enough friends to make up for that one troll...

How sad his life must really be huh? lol
But I don't let people like him bother me. His true colors are showing and people are beginning to notice. If he contacts me privately ever again to harass me about the gory details of my past, I will report him to his Internet Provider. They all have rules about stalking and harassment...

Have a great night hon....


grandpaboy said...

Why does col. scotts true identity really matter?
hes given us the watkins book and lots of video.
as long as you can form your own opinions on what your looking at or reading what difference does it make whos giving you the info?
whoever he is hes obviously put a lot of work and thought into this site.
keep it coming col.!

jollywest said...

While the Col. was away, I went over to Tex Watson's site to read his book. (dr. had mentioned it to salem in a previous thread.) There ia an interview with Susan Stuthers (Laberge) on his site. I had read on these boards that she(Struthers)had forgiven him but found it hard to believe.

Joe said...

Jolly West: What's the address of the Tex site?


Salem said...


Hi Jollywest!

jollywest said...

Joe said, "What is the address of the Tex site?"

His site address is:

His entire book, "Will you die for me?" is online at that site.

There is also a movie and documentary on his site and both are based on his book and include his meeting with Susan Struthers. The documentary contains actual interviews with Susan.

In my opinion, Tex portrays himself as more of a victim than the actual victims.