Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Your Stupidity is Showing

There is this Yahoo group that is even more retarded than KTS. It is called "Manson and the Family". There is a hilarious poster there named Pammie who is taking the piss out of everybody and they are too stupid to get it. Gia, who sounds like somebody who got kicked out of KTS is there, moderating (badly). A baboon who claims to be White Rabbit is there using bizarre typeface and inconclusive information. And my favorite, "candygrammar", who owns the group and doesn't know shit from shinola. I picture him looking like the photo to the left.

I mean today he asked who Barbara Hoyt was and who Simi Valley Sherri was. The clown owns a Manson discussion group and has never read a book or even googled the case. LAME.

My favorite is the back and forth dicsussion about HOW the Bug "got" Charlie. Whether he should have or not, HOW he got him is simple. It has nothing to do with the "felony murder rule" one of the posters is discussing. As a disbarred attorney myself I'll make it crystal clear in one sentence.

Under the law, all the members of a conspiracy are equally guilty of the crime committed. Simple.

Check the place out. The education level in America really is low.


GLH said...

What the hell kind of music is that? It's enough to make me want to cut their power lines and get their group banned from Earth.

Dok said...

The education level in the United State is deplorable. At best it is difficult to find stimulating groups to have conversations and/or debates with.

Then there is always the col. to keep me stimulated.

Side bar, Why were you disbarred

Chele said...

Awww Harold, still upset about not being able to get back into KTS it seems.
Talk about retarded, how many times have you attempted to get back in there?
The education level is this country certainly is deplorable and you are one PERFECT example of that :)

ColScott said...

They got me for Mopery in the first degree.

ColScott said...


You obviously didn't read the Blog closely.
I have NEVER not been in KTS, you tool.
I am at peace with Denise and Heaven and even Janice now.
They at least can write in English.
The only thing retarded was KTS trying to stop the truth.
Chingate Chele- you know I am right.

GLH said...

It was just pointed out to me by my assistant, the Goat, that this group is included in the Yahoo MUSIC groups! Can you believe that?

ColScott said...

Now that is fucking weird.
Music? Blech.

Who is the goat?

Gavin Elster said...

I entered as far as the MIDI "helter" would let me. Two bars. I cant stand the music.