Sunday, September 04, 2005

Omitted Twice

In addition to the definitive book reviews we have started here at TLB Blog we are also gonna do some cool film reviews. But I was just noticing while watching the new THE MANSON FAMILY DVD that at the Hinman house, Mary Brunner's presence is completely left out. Same with that shit-bad HELTER SKELTER remake last year. It is weird because her immunity seems to extend to Motion Pictures.

From her successful appeal-

"In December 1969 and March 1970 at Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Brunner met representatives of the Los Angeles County Sheriff and the Los Angeles {Page 32 Cal.App.3d 911} District Attorney, who offered her immunity from prosecution in return for her testimony relating to the Hinman murder. In April 1970 Brunner appeared in Los Angeles before the grand jury and at the trial of Robert Beausoleil for the Hinman murder, and testified that in July 1969 she, Denise Atkins, and Robert Beausoleil had held Hinman captive in his house in Malibu for three days, beaten him, stabbed him, and finally smothered him; that during part of Hinman's ordeal, Charles Manson with a sword and Bruce Davis with a knife had been present in the house. As a consequence of her testimony Beausoleil was convicted of the Hinman murder.

In May 1970 Beausoleil moved for a new trial, offering an affidavit by Brunner which said in part: "Everything I testified to at the Robert Beausoleil trial, and the Grand Jury was not true and did not happen as so testified." At the hearing on Beausoleil's motion, Brunner first said her affidavit was true. She then recanted and said her testimony before the grand jury and at the trial was true. The court denied the motion for a new trial.

In March 1971 Brunner testified at the penalty phase of the trial of Manson, Atkins, Leslie Van Houten, and Patricia Krenwinkel for the Tate-La Bianca murders. She denied participation in the Hinman murder.

In August 1971 Brunner testified at the trial of Manson for the Hinman murder. She again denied participation in the murder and disclaimed any knowledge of participation by Manson. Under further questioning about the murder, she invoked her privilege against self-incrimination. The prosecution then introduced the testimony implicating Manson that she had given at the Beausoleil trial, and Manson was convicted of the Hinman murder.

In September 1971 the grand jury indicted Brunner for the Hinman murder."

Can't seem to make up her mind, our Mother Mary.

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