Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Gender does not Affect Brains

Yesterday's post about the retarded owner of "Manson and the Family" brought this reply.

The owner of the blog---

and the MOLE that is in this group for putting US on your front page..

You are right I do not know all there is to know about Manson and the family-- I dont HAVE to know everything or anything...but at least I know what a gramma is-- gramma =female and grampa=male,what a dunce you are for not knowing the difference I am not a HE.

I am an owner of several CRIME RELATED groups,doesnt mean I know about everyone of the criminals that are being convicted..

But I am glad you have nothing else to do in your sad little world that you have to have someone join a group just so YOU can get discussions in YOURS.. How sad!!But hey-- feel free to do so-- just like you can take things from here-- I can take things from there and post here..

If you are against Manson and Family why not join Killed the Sixties?? ---
or view here:

Now you have a really great day-- and keep me on the front page-- I feel so honored.....
cg (female)

The comedy never ceases with this lame-o. First of all, I'm not a mole- this isn't some spy game, this is a discussion between the only Official Tate-LaBianca site on the web and a badly put together Manson discussion group on Yahoo which is worried about offending Larry the Rabbitt who should be buffing my shoes right now. I am there under the name John. I am not moleing or hiding, you tools.

Second, YES, if you are the moderator of a group that is about a subject you should have enough knowledge to know who Barbara Hoyt was. She isn't a minor character. You know who Rabbitt is, who means SHIT to this case, but not her? Moron.

My group has all the discussion we need, thank you babycakes. We don't always agree but we are accurate and have first hand knowledge from interviewing principals. The only principal you know is the one that flunked you out of high school.

Sorry about your gender rage- I never stopped to think about whether you were a he or a she. In general I find girls to be better educated than men, so I assumed the ignoramous in charge (you) must be a guy. Sorry. Thank you for establishing that the education levels in the US are just as low for girls as for guys.

Now go back to your poorly spelled posts and meaningless life.


SleepyDiane23 said...

Nicely said.
Peace & Love,
-Owner of

ColScott said...

Thank you for my invitation to join your group.

I am reading it as we speak.