Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Come and Listen to a Story

Here's one to think about. In all my numerous chats with Bobby Beausoleil, he sticks to the premise that Hinman was a drug dealer who burned him for MDMA/mescaline. And if he didn't, the Straight Satans biker gang SAID he did. In either case, Bobby needed to get the money to fix things FAST. So he went to Gary's house and the shit went down.

Now this is pretty seminal stuff- if not for Hinman, the rest of the many killings likely don't happen- at least the way that they did. So I ask Bobby for little nuggets....

He doesn't go alone. Mary Brunner goes with him. Because she had been to Gary's many times before.

But wait...Bobby had actually stayed there for a while. So he didn't NEED Mary. And if you have been following previous posts, I don't understand bringing two girls, young girls, with you when you want to pressurize somebody.

Now, Bobby tells me that Mary had an affair, on again, off again with Gary. Which is interesting because I thought he was gay. He definitely had some trouble with some of the young male piano students he taught.

There is no way anyone can ever explain to me what the hell loud mouth Sadie was doing there.

Bobby admits the killing, at least nowadays. DeCarlo was forced to testify against him by the BUG, and told some whopping lies, in my opinion. But Bobby killed him. They didn't "torture" him for three days, though they did hold him. It was a situation that got out of hand- worsened no doubt by Charlie's grandstanding ear-cutting ploy. And so Bobby ends up spending more time in jail for killing a drug dealer than anyone in American history. (and every time I type that I get yelled at for doing so- I am not speaking ill of anyone, and yes, Bobby was a dealer too- but my statement is still accurate).

I wonder if Bruce Davis kicks himself for going with Charlie that day. By all accounts he doesn't do anything, and yet this is one of the killings they get him for- not the many others people think he did!

But I just don't get it, and in my next conversation I will have to ask him- why bring girls to an extortion? He knew it might get out of hand. Why not bring Danny? Or Charlie?

It's the same problem with sending girls to Cielo. WHY do it if you really expect results?


GLH said...

Well, Manson got results from those sent to Cielo. I do have to agree, though, that Atkins' presence needs a good explanation.

SleepyDiane23 said...

True. Very true.
Peace & Love,

jadedjamie said...

BB tortured a friend of his. He tortured him for days. Then he killed him. He showed no more mercy than any of the other killers. He said he used dental floss to sew his ear, however, the autopsy report makes no mention of dental floss being found.
Parole? No way in hell.