Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Eww Pugh was that You? (Unsolved Vol. 1)

Joel Pugh died in England, his blood on the mirror in his small flat. He was married to Sandra Good.

An article in the nineties states that-

" (Good has never been married, although several of the books about
the Manson family, such as "Helter Skelter," report that she was. A
week after the murders, the Manson group was rounded up and arrested
for possession of stolen dune buggies, the police having no idea that
some of their members had done the killings. Good was pregnant with
Manson's soon and was afraid the authorities would take her baby since
she didn't have a husband. So she lied, saying she was married to a
man named Joel Pugh, a boyfriend she had parted company with when she
met Manson. He later committed suicide in London, says Good.)

(Her son by Manson, now 20, was raised by someone else, and she
never discloses his name or where he lives. They keep in touch.
"He's a good kid," she says simply.)"

Now first off- She had MANSON'S kid? Okay. Never knew that. On the Bertice Berry show she shouts out that she never actually made love to Charlie. That is a clear lie. Did she have his kid? Where is this kid? It is more likely PUGH'S kid.... But I digress....

The Best Damn Manson Site on the web has the only official article on the guy.

I don't know a lot of suicides that slit their throats. The only ones I know hang themselves. But then I don't know a lot of them.

Now the Zodiac/Manson site ( run by a friend of Nelson's so it cannot be vouched for) alleges

He had also been with the group for a time but had left. He tried to talk Sandra into leaving also, something that was not appreciated by the powers that be in the Family.

This article only gives the surface of the Pugh tragedy. Vincent Bugliosi said that Joel's room was on the ground floor and could be entered through a window. The door was locked from the inside when his body was found. If he was killed and it was made to look like a suicide, the killer could have easily locked the door and left through the window. NO PRINTS WERE EVER TAKEN! Bugliosi brings out that Pugh's throat was cut, twice, as were both wrists and there were many cuts all over his body. Plus, there was a sheet placed over the lower part of his body. Pugh had checked into the Talgarth Hotel on 10/27/69."


"The LAPD detectives got a "secret report" from the State Department saying that Bruce M. Davis had been in England at the time of Pugh's "suicide." Davis returned to the US shortly after this. This was probably due to hearing the bad news of and sudden reversal of fortunes for Manson and other Family members in their trial during December 1969.....The reverse writing with drawings found in Pugh's room is interesting. One was: "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.""

Again I don't know how accurate this guy can be. But it is interesting. And of course, everybody reports that Bruce Davis was supposedly in England at the time. But then so was a very young Diana...

I'm not gonna draw any point together yet- I got asked a VERY important question by one of our regulars and want to draw things together here first.

So Joel Dean Pugh- whether Sandra's husband (likely) and the actual father of her child (almost for sure his and not Manson's)- he doesn't feel like a suicide. Yet even in the wake of 1969, no further investigation. Why?


agnostic monk said...

Col, just curious; why is it a clear lie? Not that I have any reason to believe anything Good says, but I'm curious how you established that it was a lie.

On the Bertice Berry show she shouts out that she never actually made love to Charlie. That is a clear lie."

ColScott said...

Because IVAN is according to almost all sources CHARLIE'S son.

So, unless you Monks believe in immaculate conception and shit....

agnostic monk said...

Well then I wonder why she would lie about having slept with Manson? I didn't see/hear the Bertrice Berry show you referenced so I don't know what the context was and what she might have been trying to obfuscate.

ColScott said...

I think because the audience was not believing a word she said and admitting to that then might have got her lynched.

agnostic monk said...

Col, do you know where i can read a transcript of that show? I've heard quotes from it but never read the entire thing.

ColScott said...

no but email me your address and I'll burn you a dvd

Voodoo Woman said...

I realize this post is 11 years old, but wanted to weigh in. According to Bobby Beausoleil's parole transcripts, Sandy's son is his child. For years Beausoleil only claimed the daughter he had with Kitty Lutesinger. He was adamant that he only had one child. Then, in 2008/2009 he admitted he actually had three children. A son with Sandy, and another child with a woman named Gayle. It's been speculated, but not confirmed, that DNA tests were run.