Monday, September 19, 2005

Get Their License Number !!!!

I look for the truth in the details, where God is supposed to be. That was why I questioned the driver's license explanation for the presence of Kasabian on the night of the murders.

It never made sense to me that the killers, finished with five murders, stopped to get hosed down- and then almost get caught. Like another second or two and they were busted.

The only first hand explanation I've ever read comes from Tex's book... and doesn't compute. It doesn't occur to you to kill the guy when he's trying to hold you for the cops, MINUTES after you kill a houseful of strangers?

So many things we will never know....

From his book----

Linda turned off Benedict Canyon onto Portola Drive, one of the winding side streets, looking for a place where we could wash. Finally we saw an exposed hose. As we poured the water over ourselves, drenching our hair and clothes, a man and woman suddenly appeared at their door in bathrobes, asking us what we were doing.

I put on my Texas accent, saying we had just been walking and needed a drink. As we ran back to the car, the man followed us, his wife shrieking, "Get the license number; get the number!" from the doorway. In my rush I flooded the engine, and as I struggled to get the car started again the old man came up to my window and stuck his hand in, grabbing for the keys. I managed to crank up the glass and drive off, leaving him shouting after us in the middle of the road. For some reason it never occurred to any of us to try to kill him-he didn't live on Cielo Drive.


GLH said...

Maybe there were too many houses nearby and the man's wife was already screaming at them. That, along with the fear that the couple could have their license plate number, could have dissuaded him from overreacting. I think he just wanted to get away quickly without leaving the wife behind to identify him.

ColScott said...

But dude
If they HAD the license number
wouldn't he WANT To kill them?

GLH said...

Maybe he knew he couldn't kill everyone. If he killed the man, the neighbors could have come outside, the man's wife could have gone back in, locked the door and called the police. He didn't have control over those people.

ColScott said...

I was just reflecting on his statement that it never occurred to him.

agnostic monk said...

I took "they did not live on Cielo Drive" to mean that Charlie told him to kill everyone in the house on Cielo Drive. Charlie didn't say "Kill everyone in the house and kill anyone who gets in your way to or from."

So I think what Tex might be alluding to is the whole "following orders" thing. I could be wrong since I'm not reading it in context (it's been a while since I've read that).