Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What did Charlie Actually SAY?

In order for the BUG to get Charlie he had to show CONSPIRACY.

I'd like to list what he actually said to people.

And remember- these people want to get OUT- and yet they do not lie about what he actually said.

To Bobby- "You know what to do. Be a man."

To Sadie- "Get a change of clothes, go with Tex and do whatever Tex tells you to do."

To Tex- "Go up to Terry Melcher's old place. Make sure to leave a sign."

I don't know- even today NOBODY is saying he said "Take a knife and go butcher some innocent people."

Weird. But then I am not a brilliant attorney like BUG.


agnostic monk said...

wait, now I'm confused. When did Tex's story change from "Go to Terry's old place and kill everyone in the house" to "go to Terry's old place and leave a sign"?

shelby445 said...

i noticed that total change of words too. manson told tex to kill everyone at cielo and take all their money. he didn't tell them to leave a sign until they were pulling out.

Magick_Films said...

I post for Col.