Sunday, September 11, 2005

Happiness is an Elusive Thing

As I count my blessings (my career, my supermodel wife, my intelligence and education) and look at the poor people left to die by the government in Louisiana I realize just how transitory "Happiness" really it, and just how rare.

I never had my family uprooted to a ghetto.
I never had my mother killed by Germans in a camp.
I never had my wife and unborn son butchered.
I never had my school friend and his girlfriend slaughtered.
I never had to flee in the night from a judge out to use me to further his career.

This is Roman Polanski three days ago at the Venice Film Festival with his wife. He has a new family now. He has a new movie this month. He looks happy.

I hope he is.


agnostic monk said...

ooooh, Col, you sure are opening a can o' worms with this one aren't ya! It's not exactly politically correct to express compassion for Roman. But you don't seem like the type who can be bothered with political correctness. :)

Roman is confusing to me, a tragic character. The list of shit he's had to deal with in his storied life is immense. Can't say I'd want my baby nieces hanging around with him when they get a little older, but I do feel sorry for what he's been dealt.

I haven't seen The Pianist yet, but it's at the top of my netflix queue. I recently watched Fearless Vampire Killers and were it not for the presence of Sharon I would have loved it. It was hilarious, in a timeless kind of way. But the scenes with Sharon were hard to watch, like when the vampire attacks her in the bathtub and she struggles helplessly and desperately under his weight. Even though the tone is campy romp, it's just too close to what would eventually happen to her in real life. Shudder.

ColScott said...

did you ever see the photos Roman took on the set?

Pure brilliance?

agnostic monk said...

i've seen some pics from the set but I dont know if they were taken by Roman. got a link?

ColScott said...

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