Friday, May 04, 2007

MonkeyBoy Makes NO SENSE

This is James Robinson's email to the great webmaster of The Manson Family today-

I wanted to send you this brief email to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting up the notice on your website that you'll will be donating 20% of all proceeds on dvd sales to the Doris Tate Crime Victims Foundation. I looked at your website earlier this afternoon and, when I saw your contribution offer, I never felt any prouder of anyone in my life than I did of you today. You did a wonderfully generous thing for the legacy of a woman, Doris Tate, who fought very long and very hard to further the cause of victims of violent crime. You also gave me something to hope for and you gave me proof that my fight to protect Leslie was a worthy cause and something that could provide something good for the surviving family members of the LaBianca family as well as the Tate and Hinman families. You were the first one to respond in kind to the proposition I've been trying to push forward to try and give Leslie another chance at life by giving something back to the victims families. I'm very proud of you and what you did was a very classy thing and I can't thank you enough for having the wisdom, courage and generosity for help putting forth something good that will benefit the memory and the struggle of Doris Tate and the victims family members that she represented. I hope that the victims family members will see that my intentions were good and that my thoughts and prayers are with them and those that they lost. Giving something back to them in the form of a contribution to a very worthy cause that was founded by Doris is a very honorable thing to do and it also legitimizes your efforts to be the best site on this case. It proves to all that you're a very classy and well intentioned person and it's a tribute to your good will. My hope now is that Leslie's Attorney, Christie Webb, will learn from this brave and honorable deed and will offer that same kind of proposal to the board of parole hearings and give them a bargaining chip that will protect them and allow them to make a favorable decision in Leslie's parole efforts. I can't thank you enough for being the one to bring this idea to life and for giving me some hope for Leslie. I will be certain to mention this to Leslie, Linda Grippi and Christie Webb because I know that Leslie would feel very good knowing that the victims families are being given something back and that she's not being exploited because of her situation. I know that Leslie will be very happy to know that something good is being done for the victims families. Thanks Bret ... I mean that from the bottom of my heart .... Thank you so much!!! Best Regards to you and yours, James D. Robinson Staten Island, New York

Of course this is a retarded monkey's type of email because donating money to Doris Tate's fund, however meaningful it may or more likely may not be, ain't got shit to do with Leslie. She ain't earning it.

Monkey Jim Later writes
You simple minded, pathetic, pompus, arrogant little dweeb. Back in the day, your Supermodel wife couldn't hold a candle to the "hottest" girl that ever put a flower in her hair; she was living perfection.

Here is a photo of Leslie back in the day. She looks like a horsefaced jackass that had been ridden around the ranch for a dollar and change. She slept with Bobby. She also slept with Clem, who had the brains of a horsetooth jackass. She ain't no supermodel. And after 30 plus years in the can, she's not likely ready for any action anytime soon, Staten Island Buoy.

[funniest bit- guy doesn't realize I was dead serious and correct about the reality show- the only way any of these people who should by law already be out are gonna get out is by exposing that they are basically old grandmas who are no threat and under the law are rehabilitated and the board is violating the law. The reality show is a good idea. Instead he is making bad videos and buying forehead polish]

Now back to our regularly scheduled search for the truth. (still laughing at Monkey's video- seen by ONE person (me) and the photo of him that makes him look like Clint Howard with Down's syndrome. COMEDY GOLD.)

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