Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mark Turner Confuses the Col

If you read Mark's well laid out site, www.charliemanson.com, you will come to the conclusion that he thinks that Manson did it and that he deserves to be in jail.


Except today the doofus posted on his main page the following--

MAY NEWS: I spoke with Manson by telephone on the evening of May 21. I asked if he was going to attend his parole hearing this year and he replied that he was not. He seemed positive that he wouldn't. I guess we'll know for sure very soon.

So help me groove with you Mark. YOU SPOKE TO MANSON and this is all you can tell us? Did you ask him if he was up at the house afterwards or just this bullshit? What is your position Mark?


Heaven said...

I'm surprised Manson was out of the hole long enough to take a phone call lol


deadwoodhbo said...
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angeLos said...

Charlie Said It Best

I was a half-assed nothing who hardly knew how to read or write, never read a book all the way through in my life, didn’t know anything except jails, couldn’t hold on to my wives, was a lousy pimp, got caught every time I stole, wasn’t a good enough musician to hit the market, didn’t know what to do with money even if I had it and resented every aspect of family life. But a week after Sadie’s [Susan Atkins’s] story, I was a charismatic cult leader with a family, a genius who could program people into doing whatever I asked of them. Shit, if there were any truth to what I was said to be capable of, I’d have been sitting in Hearst Castle with stereos in every room, listening to my own platinum albums.

Very easy to play mister nice guy after all happened, and someone must be very naive to give credit to what CM said, I doubt the Col is so naive to think CM had nothing to do with STP death...
CM did not do the killings, right... and the killers can blame only themself, right...but one thing is very clear ,CM knew exactly what he was doing, and he wanted STP dead for the sole purpose of being himself noticed by the establishment and the world...one day

And in a few pic CM can look like a "somewhat nice" guy, in this one, sorry for the aficionados of Charlie, he looks like a crazy nut .