Thursday, May 10, 2007


Scramble and Monk mention the hated BUG in the comments section, but they seem too lazy to do the work.

Last June, July and August we ran a special series exposing the fact that BEFORE the TLB trials BUG was accused of stalking his Milkman (wtf!) and the Milkman's wife because he was convinced that the milkman was possibly the father of Vince Junior. And that AFTER the TLB trials he was accused of beating his mistress in her Santa Monica apartment because she had not had the abortion he paid for. This was all supported with PDFs of articles the Col paid for from the LA TIMES.

Just look for titles "BUGGING Installment" 1,2 etc.

This was all exposed to me via a pamphlet I bought as part of the Ebay Collection called THE VINCENT T. BUGLIOSI Story, published when BUG ran for DA and credited with helping him lose the election. The pamphlet is by George Denny, who used to rep Bruce Davis. I have tried to find George for permission to print this here, but without success. When I talked to Sequiera this week to give him the James Robinson stalking stuff, he didn't know if Denny was alive or dead.

So Scramble and commenters, go back and read for yourself- it is all there!


Anonymous said...

Have you tried to contact Michael Beckman, Bruce's new attorney? For perhaps he has the info needed.

Contact info for Beckman:

Bar Number 105412
Address 1258 10th St #6
Santa Monica, CA 90401 Phone Number (310) 451-5640
Fax Number Not Available
e-mail Not Available
District District 7 Undergraduate School Univ of Michigan; MI
County Los Angeles Law School Univ of Michigan Law Sch; Ann Arbor MI
Sections None

Scramblehead said...

I just recently got on this blog Mr. Col., sir. So I wasn't around when you did the BUG series. Eventually I'll get around to reading it. Can't do everything at once. I was just commenting on the Leslie overkill (is that a pun?).

Thanks for calling me lazy though. I always get a warm tickly feeling when I'm insulted by the mighty God-like Col. Verbal abuse is still an acceptable form of love and affection.....not!

Skyhook said...

Col...Very pleased to see you posting regularly again.

Keep it up! Much appreciated!

agnostic monk said...

the Col called me lazy!



ColScott said...

Lazy or not there is an assumption that you have read this entire blog. Who assumes it? Me. Because the blog is good the blog is great, and more importantly, it is free. Why would you not read it over and over again?

agnostic monk said...

ColScott said...
>>>Lazy or not there is an assumption that you have read this entire blog.

Mr. Man, I am not taking this here back and forth (in this thread) all that seriously, but if you go back and read my post you will see that all I said was I don't recall Charlie calling Bugliosi "sexually paranoid" nor do I recall the context. Of course I recall the discussions about Bugliosi's scandalous history with wifey - but even then you can't expect us, new or veteran, to remember every detail. If that is the case I can tell you right now with the utmost certainty that I will fail the final exam and should therefore probably just go and light up a marlboro in the boys room.


>blog is good the blog is great

With that I agree.


ColScott said...

pay attention
I never quoted the BUG as saying that
Scramble did

Pristash said...

Ok, folks....take a break and check this out:

Wassup with that?

Scramblehead said...

CM referred to the bug's 'helter skelter' theory as a product of his sexual paranoia. I think it was in the Geraldo interview.

Yes Col. the blog is great but I am consumed with other homework as well. Life just isn't fair enough to be able to do nothing but read the blog. Maybe after the revolution I'll have a lot more free time.

agnostic monk said...

ColScott said...
>>>pay attention
I never quoted the BUG as saying that, Scramble did

My good man, actually Scram quoted CHARLIE as saying BUGLIOSI had a "sexual paranoia" which was the only part of his post I was questioning - not the wifey stuff that you already covered months ago in this very awesome blog (the stuff you said I was too lazy to do the research about).

It appears we have a misunderstanding, which is apt to occur from time to time on the internet(s).

: )

agnostic monk said...

>>>>Pristash said...
Ok, folks....take a break and check this out:
Wassup with that?

pristash, whoa! a cheap little horror film with a bizarre random Manson connection.