Saturday, May 19, 2007

Hair Bear Bunch

One of the most interesting thing for an expert like the Col is when he hears details and stories that are offshoots of the main tale. Like I believe Watson in his book when he tells about yelling at his mother that he DID kill a pregnant woman for no reason. Or Sadie in her self serving book talking about her first visit to jail after the sentences, being blanked by the other girls as a snitch.
UCLA archive just organized some old fotos. There aren't too many TLB related but here is one from when the girls were on the way to yet another trial and the hair had started to grow.


deadwoodhbo said...

Love the post and love the manson movies on youTube thanks Col

Anonymous said...

Is that a guard behind Pat, and it is odd that for as violent etc. that the girls were deemed that they were seemingly left alone to be photographed with hardly a guard present? (maybe I am just blind)

agnostic monk said...

yeah that looks like a guard, cats. pics can be deceiving though, you never really know who is just off camera.