Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Here's Another Clue for You All....

This picture was taken at the exact same
time that Manson '70 was being filmed.
All the people in this picture appear in
the movie.

The guy in the hat is Mark Ross, friend to
the family and acquaintance of
filmmaker Robert Hendrickson. He was
Hendrickson's access to the family.

The girl, as 'catscradle77' correctly
stated, is Kay Wallace.

I do not know the name of the guy on the
far right, but he appears quite
frequently in the Manson '70 movie. He was
one of the naked guys swimming in the
spring in the footage Hendrickson shot at Spahn.

Both of the guys can be seen briefly
in the trailer for the re-cut version of
Manson '70; 'Manson II':

Mark Ross' house was the site of Zero's 'suicide'.

I'm unable to post this in the comments
section because it gives me this
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rectified, please?.

JL is referring to the post
labelled $200 Foto.
And is our newest member.

(here is a photo of Kanarek today which you
can use to scare small children)

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Anonymous said...

Okay, Mark Ross lived at 326 Market Street in Venice, and I assume this is the locale of the demise of Christopher Jesus. Paperwork also lists Mark as living at #28 Clubhouse, which is the hang out of the Straight Satans or one of the bike clubs.
I have been trying to find information on 86 George aka George Knoll, but to no avail. Also, it is alledged that Victor Wild aka Brother Eli was also a biker with one of the clubs, and hung with the Process. Anyone have any idea about George or Victor?

And anything on Mark Ross as of late?