Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mark Turner and the Gypsy Woman

Mark is working on embarrassing the Discovery Channel this time with his good friend Catherine Gypsy Share.

The same woman who never admitted any involvement in the Shorty Shea killings.
The same woman who SHOT at Police Officers.
The same woman who ran a cross country crime spree for years.

Good friends, Mark.

Here is Gypsy lying to BUG. Note closely how he feeds her HIS lines. She puppets his bullshit back to him.

My favorite piece of horse hockey- "It is said of Manson that his reach extends of prison." Who said that, BUG? Oh yeah- YOU did.


Heaven said...

Wow, Gypsy has changed..

It doesn't even look like her...

Thanks Col


Scramblehead said...

I remember recording this when it aired (roughly 10 years ago). Not only is he feeding her his lines, he's also blushing and foaming at the mouth. He's incredibly turned on by her. I wonder what Gail thought of it. I met Gail once and she actually is pretty decent and decent looking.

deadwoodhbo said...

Awesome post thank you Col.

Scramblehead said...

Will the BUG ever quit being a looney lunatic?

Talk about nuts - what a jackass!!!

jempud said...


I take it you believe others were complicit in the death of JFK?

And consider those who might think that Oswald acted alone are 'loony lunatics'?

Oh, and one other question. You say you met Gail (Bugliosi) once and that 'actually' she was 'decent looking'. What does that mean?

Just asking.


Scramblehead said...

There is no question of conspiracy in the JFK case. Anyone who argues the point of more than one gunman, etc., is still taking the bait and not paying attention to the massive amount of information available to the public. Information which leaves no doubt whatsoever that the highest of higher-ups were involved. Howard Hunt's son has gone public recently stating that his father admitted, before he died, that LBJ was totally involved along with a number of CIA pricks.

The BUG is just trying to reinvent the wheel with this new book. He wants more attention and is seeking to be hailed as the great genius who proved Oswald killed JFK alone. I bet there won't be any mention of Oswald's being employed by the CIA.

Gail was attractive. More so than I would've guessed considering what a worm the BUG is.

jempud said...

OK, thanks. You think LBJ and the CIA were behind the Dallas assasination; you have a low opinion of Bugliosi and you find (found) his wife attractive.

It's always good to know where people stand.


Scramblehead said...

I didn't say I THINK anything. I said HOWARD HUNT'S SON revealed that HOWARD HUNT admitted CIA-LBJ involvement.

Besides that, the INCREDIBLE amount of available evidence speaks for itself. Much like all the documentation regarding the BUG's naughty & illegal behavior speaks for itself. It's not about opinions here.

Like the great Col. has said time and again: You are NOT entitled to your are entitled to your INFORMED opinion.

Therefore, you have NO business discussing JFK unless you are INFORMED (i.e., you pay attention to the available information).

Skyhook said...

Scramblehead said...

I didn't say I THINK anything.

Well... you could hardly say, "HOWARD HUNT'S SON revealed that HOWARD HUNT admitted CIA-LBJ involvement but I don't think so" !!