Friday, August 31, 2007

Two Years Kinda Sucks

Manson family killer denied parole in California

Fri Aug 31, 2007 9:02AM EDT

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A former follower of serial killer Charles Manson has been denied parole for the 18th time for the 1969 slayings of Los Angeles couple Leno and Rosemary LaBianca, officials said on Thursday.

Leslie Van Houten, 58, was told to try again in two years, following a parole board panel meeting at the California Institute for Women in Corona, Calif., 37 miles east of Los Angeles. She was last turned down in 2006.

The former high school cheerleader was convicted of murder and conspiracy for participating with Charles "Tex" Watson and Patricia Krenwinkel in the slayings of the LaBiancas in the couple's suburban Los Angeles home. She was 19 at the time of the murders.

Van Houten and fellow members of the so-called Manson "family" were sentenced to death in 1971, but the penalties were commuted to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole the following year, after the California State Supreme Court voted to abolish the death penalty.

Van Houten said at her 2004 parole hearing that she stabbed Rosemary LaBianca 14 to 16 times after the woman had already been stabbed by Watson and Krenwinkel. She did not participate in the Manson family's slayings of pregnant actress Sharon Tate and four others the night before.

Manson, 72, was denied parole for another five years in May.


Brian Davis said...

Was this year's parole panel for Van Houten the same members as the last panel in 2006 ? Is the commissioner the same person as 2006 ?

Also, I've often wondered, did anyone ever find the knife that Susan Atkins lost during the Tate murders ?

zoomjaw said...

No surprise here.My only thought is why Califoria doesn't get rid of these parole boards and use the money for more prisons.
One hearing they get a 3 year denial then a 1 year denial,back to 2 year denial.It is all just for show and all a big joke.

Heaven said...

Also, I've often wondered, did anyone ever find the knife that Susan Atkins lost during the Tate murders ?

7:32 PM, August 31, 2007

Yes they did, the police found it in the couch.


agnostic monk said...

I thought that was really odd too, Zoomjaw. I haven't read any of the details about the hearing but it seems odd to me that she gets 2 years after getting 1 year, unless she's been misbehaving but that's highly unlikely because she doesn't misbehave.

galgate said...

As Zoomjaw says no surprises here. And in the extremely unlikely event anyone was ever recommended for parole they sure as eggs wouldn't get it anyway. It'll never get to the Governor of California, but if it did and if s/he wants to continue in post, forget it.

And wtf does that Debra Tate woman have to do with Lulu anyway ..

As for Monk saying 'she doesn't misbehave', she must have done something to piss so many people for so long .. I'd call pigsticking LaBiancas pretty bad behaviour. But it was a while back, and there's no shortage of other pigstickers walking free. Guess she had the bad luck to get involved in a celebrity killing ...

Somethin else - nothing to do with this thread but maybe someone can help (?)

I've been listening to the Family Jams album (one or two tracks are listenable) and I got to thinking:

a) there's supposed to be an accompanying booklet with family pics etc - has anyone here seen it? My copy's ripped off a PTP server :-)

b) Anyone know who is singing/playing on each track? I recognise Clem's voice and Gypsy's violin (both pleasant enough) but it would be nice to do a track by track analysis.

Any suggestions

agnostic monk said...

well *of course* I wasn't referring to the murders. I meant that she doesn't seem to misbehave in prison. As far as I know, both Leslie and Pat have had practically spotless records while incarcerated. There was that guard uniform thing but I don't know if there's any evidence that Leslie herself knew about it.

Pristash said...

The Mind of Manson, tonight on MSNBC, 10pm Eastern

catscradle77 said...

Thanks for the heads up. For a clip of the show :

galgate said...

Sorry Monk if I sounded rude - I didn't mean to offend you. Or anyone, for that matter.

Can't see that Mind of Manson show where I live - any reports/comments welcome


Heaven said...
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catscradle77 said...

He got his typical year denial.

Former Manson Disciple Denied Parole For 25th Time

(CBS) LOS ANGELES A one-time Manson Family disciple convicted in connection with two killings in 1969 was denied parole Thursday.

A parole board panel meeting at the California Men's Colony at San Luis Obispo decided Bruce Davis should next be eligible for parole in 2008.

This is the 25th time Davis has been denied parole.

Davis, now in his 60s, was convicted along with others in the stabbing death of musician Gary Hinman in his Topanga Canyon home and the slaying of Donald "Shorty" Shea.

Shea's remains were later found buried near the Spahn movie ranch in Chatsworth, where Manson and his disciples lived.

Davis was not involved with other Manson followers in the 1969 murders of pregnant actress Sharon Tate, grocery store chain owner Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary.

Manson and his co-defendants have repeatedly been denied parole -- with Manson losing his latest parole bid on May 23 and Leslie Van Houten being denied parole last Thursday.


galgate said...

Thanks, Cats - just saw that Bruce Davies clip - why on earth is that wretched Debra Tate allowed to testify against him? Not that I am particuarly pro-Davies, but DT has enough skeletons of her own in the closet - and has no possible 'victim' connection to the Beausoleil or Shea cases. Why is she even allowed to testify? Anyways, I guess pretty soon her chickens will come home to roost.

As for lardbucket Barbara, her testimony is so flawed and her 'grief' some 38 years later so palbably fabricated that she should be banned from society for ever, for aesthetic reasons if no other. The pathetic barrel of animal fat is an offense against nature. Why, when her testimony is so at odds with all the known facts, does anyone even listen to her.

Brucie, guilty as he is, deserves better than this.

catscradle77 said...

OMG---ROFLMAO--priceless, keeping real, aren't ya galgate?
Guilty, sure is.
Can't figure out the Babs time thing though..
I know that Gary has siblings that are still around somewhere, and I would think that if anyone would come forward to speak it would be one of them. In Hinman, we have Manson and Bruce leaving before he gets dead, and in Shea, it seems everyone mysteriously takes part in it once Shea is out of the car down the hill. Well, at least Steve Grogan admitted to bopping Shea and Shea "falling" from the car and trying to run etc..but then Steve gets busy trying to keep the car in gear..Bruce stabs Shea in the shoulder after he has been on the ground..
So how the heck did Shea get over the hill and far away to deadland exactly?

Heaven said...

Thank you Cats...


catscradle77 said...

No problem...

And galgate, I think the clip that you are referring to, is from the En Banc hearing. In normal circumstances, Babs and Debra could not testify at the hearing-Debra could show up as a victims family support member as she does at Leslie's hearing but wouldn't be allowed to speak. The En Banc hearing happened for the panel split and one voted for release and the other didn't, so it had to go before the full panel for a decision. Thus, different rules apply that let Debra and Babs testify.

The whole panel voted against letting him out, he got his typical one year denial, and had his hearing in 2007, where he got his typical one year denial.

I think that is how it went. Phew...

galgate said...

Thanks Cats. The clip I saw was at the top page of Bret's site (still is today) and it seemed to me that both the greasebag Hoyt and the devious Debra were addresing the recent panel. But it could have been a montage of earlier clips. After a while these parole hearings seem to merge into one and the same, except the blubbery Babs gets bigger and more obnoxious,

So here in 2007 we see the beached whale sobbing once again through her version of Shea's death. Crocodile tears? Or genuine grief? If the former, she should be jailed for contempt of court. If the latter, if events which she imagined nearly forty years ago still affect her to the point of breakdown, then she should be declared unfit to appear in court. Either way she is an affront to public dignity.

And by the look of barrage ballon Barbara her Honolulu LSD incident doesn't seem to have stopped her eating hamburgers either.

As for Debra, do you wanna know why she was disinherited by her father? Coming soon, courtesy of Bret ..

Heaven said...

I admit it, I'm curious as to why Debra's family all died being pissed off at her...


catscradle77 said...

Me too!! Sounds like it will bring a great deal to this subject. Can't wait!!! :)