Tuesday, August 07, 2007

August 7- Still No Indication of Future Slaughter

Well let's see- Charlie is in San Diego with Stephanie the new girl.

Bobby's been arrested but Charlie doesn't know it until tomorrow.

The chuckleheads in this picture start theorizing that maybe copycat murders with blood on the wall would prove that Bobby didn't do Hinman. Of course if it was all about copycats, they turned out to be the WORST EVER since no one linked anything together.

The ranch is still a bit commando- Lotsapoppa assumed dead, Hinman dead, Bobby in jail.

Garretson is taking care of the back house by getting stoned.

Steve Parent is so far away that being murdered at a movie star house isn't even a thought within a thought.

Life is so strange- at any point in the next day all this shit could be avoided if one thing broke the other way.


Pristash said...

"Of course if it was all about copycats, they turned out to be the WORST EVER since no one linked anything together."

Yeah, Col, only because they are like the worst Police Department in history!

Anything up with Orenthal James lately?

Pristash said...

Hey, it's already August 8th on the east coast...where's the damn post, Col?

ColScott said...

NOBODY linked any of the three murders
Even after it is far from obvious
If it was a copycat motive, then these copycats are the worst ever

agnostic monk said...

Col you bring up a good point. What I will never understand is that if indeed these were meant to be merely copycat crimes, why didn't they write the EXACT same thing at each crime scene on the walls? "Political Piggy" stamped with a panther paw at all three sites would have gone a long way towards making sure the cops linked them together. They all had to have talked about what was on the wall at Hinman, Sadie was even there herself. And from what we know about the voided Saladin Nader mission, while there was talk on the beach of how to do it, there was no mention of writing on the wall (I could be wrong about that).

The differences at the crime scenes are one reason I've never been 100% convinced of the copycat motive. They were so effective at carrying out the crimes, how could they have screwed up such an important element?

agnostic monk said...

hey Col or anyone I have a question... Notice in this picture of the girls there are markings near their heads. I see these on certain case-related photos from time to time. I've seen some pictures with X's and other markings above various people's heads, mostly Family members but also lawyers. I've seen one website where photos are being sold with these markings supposedly made by Manson himself (according to the seller). One in particular stands out in my mind of Brenda, Sandy, and Paul Fitzgerald and Manson has supposedly written something like "rat, traitor, enemy" above Fitzgerald's head.

Does anyone know what these other markings mean - such as the one's in the pic the Col posted, if anything? Or is Charlie just doodling?

Deb said...


I think we can safely agree that these people were not rocket scientists... I also thought if it were truly a copycat why didn't you use the exact same mo?

thanks Col as always


grimtraveller said...

ColScott said...

"NOBODY linked any of the three murders"

Not strictly true. LASO sent two detectives to LAPD and told them about finding Hinman, the MO, Beausoleil, Spahn Ranch and the hippies who thought their leader Charlie was Christ. This was while the Cielo victim autopsies were happening, before the LaBiancas were killed.
Later, the LaBianca detectives started action that took into account things that happened in the Cielo crime which shows they were clearly linking them, at least unofficially.
One detective even pointed out lyrics from Beatle songs being found on the walls at the LaBianca house.

grimtraveller said...

ColScott said...

"Well let's see- Charlie is in San Diego with Stephanie the new girl"

And exactly what did he tell the sister of the new girl ? All about Helter Skelter, how the Beatles had laid it out and how people were going to be lying dead on their lawns.
I'd say that was
"Indication of Future Slaughter."