Wednesday, August 15, 2007


What was the result of our countdown?

Grief beyond imagining.

That's the gorgeous Patti with Mom in the photo.

(fyi, this photo and two others like it were removed by ebay overnight. I wonder if Debra falsely asserted some claim. Hey, Debra, here's the photo.)


agnostic monk said...

it's even sadder to contemplate what was in store for this family down the road, piled on top of their early grief. Patti died way too young. And while Doris was not young at the time of her death, I have seen up-close what a terminal brain tumor can do to a person and it is a truly ghastly way to go. Makes ya wonder about all that mind/body stuff and how grief can affect the body.

And yeah, Col, Patti was very beautiful all the way up until the latest available images of her, and so much like Sharon.

Hopefully the Tate grandchildren, whoever and wherever they are, are safe and happy.

Now I'm bummed. Someone cheer me up.

deadwoodhbo said...

sorry i have no sorrow for roman sharon yes .