Friday, August 03, 2007

August 3- Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Of course, 38 years ago today shit back at Spahn's was crazy time. I mean Lotsapoppa was shot, presumed dead, Gary was dead and had been found. Cops were looking for the culprits. Bobby and Sadie and Mary were nervous- they knew what they had done. And Charlie. Charlie's homemade family was coming undone at the seams. It was chaos.

In just a few days Charlie is going to suggest Bobby take Hinman's Fiat and git. And NOTHING good is gonna come from that.


starship said...

with the freaking murder weapon in the wheel well? Hmmmmm...

Charlie encouraged BB to leave in Hinman's car? Hmmmmm maybe we're on to something here, people! Who put the weapon in the wheel well?

ColScott said...

oh this isn't new
I always thought Charlie was sending Bobby to his fate to get rid of him

I DON'T Think Charlie ever thought any of this shit would get back to him. Delusions of invincibility.