Friday, August 10, 2007

August 10- Our Countdown Finishes

Because this night is much much easier to get a handle on, the Col feels that the good students will focus on this night and figure out what the hell was going on here. If we can do that, there is a chance to link everything together. I hope.

Our Cast

Leno Labianca- Grocer, alleged mafioso, neighbor of Harold True, owned a little black book, maybe killed because of his money or because of owing money. Brutal death. But was he the target?

Rosemary LaBianca- we hear about Leno's first wife (boy do we ever) but never Rosemary's first husband. Is that significant? Killed by Katie and Leslie, quite horribly in her own home. She left a large estate. Is that the motive?

Suzan Struthers- bitch "forgave" the psycho who killed her mom and step dad, Christian Tex. Is this because she wanted them dead? She ran with biker Joe Dornan. Connection? How about brother Frank- Col never hears what happened to him.

Linda Kasabian- this is why I am so stressed out that the bitch didn't get the same sentencing. The very next night, hell, not even 24 hours later, Linda DROVE the car KNOWING THAT MURDERS WERE GONNA LIKELY HAPPEN. How do you walk away scott free from that shit? She never ever calls anyone. Never drops a dime till the case is blown wide open. Fuck her. Worse, she knows Harold True it seems quite well. What is that shit. Then she saves the guy in Venice- uh huh.

Patricia Krenwinkel- craziest bitch that ever walked the planet. She had already proven that she could kill for fun. She fucking loved it. Tex could count on Miss Low Self Esteem.

Leslie Van Houten- for a change I am not going to goad that Jimmy guy, at least not on purpose. I don't think she clearly knows what is gonna happen. I think she's caught up in a weird daydream about freeing Bobby. I think she has low self esteem, yes. I think she has issues and is probably a very angry chick. I think it could have just as easily been Sadie, with Leslie getting the free ride to Venice. I think someone felt that Bobby's girl needed to get her hands dirty just to protect themselves in some weird way, maybe against testimony. Maybe Charlie, I am not sure. But once inside, definitely Tex makes her get her hands dirty. Now of course, I think she liked it. That is a lot of stab wounds. Either way, that half hour constituted throwing her whole life away.

Tex Watson- If we can ever find the connection between Tex and Leno or Tex and Voytek or Leno and Voytek with maybe Crowe somewhere in the middle, we solve this whole mysterious case. The Col believes Tex is the key to everything. He either was killing on orders, which I don't buy, from Charlie, or he was killing for other reasons. Personal ones. Why Tex? We want to know.

Charlie Manson- I don't think he even believed Tate was gonna happen. I think he thought Voytek might get whupped and Abigail dropped in the pool if she was there. The other three were not expected to be there. That is a LOT of unexpected carnage. The next night, knows that Tex is gonna kill again ( work with me here, it fits the facts ) Charlie comes along to make sure that A- there isn't a bunch of unexpected people around B- there isn't a lot of yelling and screaming. And again, I don't know, but maybe he isn't expecting killing. I mean who in the whole group expected Texas Boy to be a secret homicidal maniac? Whatever happens, Charlie is fucking miles away when the LaBiancas are slaughtered.

---> There is a lot to think about. One day the missing link will be found. NINE people remain dead, of which, at most TWO had reasons to be killed. Funnily enough, MOST of the killers, convicted and not, remain alive. Food for thought.

[Many readers write in that I screwed up the White Rambler which was actually Steven's. Yes. I did. Sorry. The killers used Swartz' yellow 1959 Ford. Somebody else pointed up that I played a little fast and loose with the dates when shit happened at 12 in the morning. Probably. Don't care. In any case, 38 years of Bugliosi lies is a long time.]


angeLos said...

For TW, the thing is, I can not see him take any personal initiatives other than those that would please CM, meaning he was very young, kind of dumb, stoned and cranked up and so scared of CM negative reactions that he probably followed suggestions of his older companion, who by the way, did not like him and used him to the core...
TW owed one to CM ... that was it, now time came to "pay back" by finishing off a tied defenseless man who once dared to be rude to him in 1968...pure vengeance...what a mess !
Nobody saw, except CM, the reaction of LLB when he recognized the crazy, vicious little dude who now was in charge of operations in his house and who he met in 68....and if he isn't expecting killing, after he left the couple tied up, what was he expecting ?
The connection between Tex and Leno is probably...CM

Of course the case can be more complex and other people can be involved, but it is very unlikely, because Tex has been questionned again and again and again from 1970 and he has, correct me if I'm wrong, never involved anybody else. I do not think he would withhold informations.

Pristash said...

Connections...I think the Col is right about connections between TW and VF, and maybe even Lotsapoppa too (anyone know what happened to him?). But I think the LaBianca's were a contract killing plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

He died in 1993.