Saturday, August 04, 2007

August 4- Not a Care in the World

Sharon is at home, dealing with being pregnant.

Rudi is away.

Garrettson is caretaking and toking.

Steve is just a student looking for cute boys.

Voytek dreams of making it like Roman did.

Abigail bleeds for oppressed minorities, and some better weed.

Jay has a head or two to take care of.

Rosemary and Leno are away on vacation.

Roman is prepping THE DAY OF THE DOLPHIN.

The Sixties are in full swing.

Everything is groovy, 38 years ago.


starship said...

Let's not forget about the lawn service boys, at least one of whom were using Garrettson's pad to do the nasty with his mistress....they too had been up to 10050 quite a bit too.

Heaven said...

Now Col, did you ask Debra if you could use that VERY copywritten picture of Sharon??

You're going to get her angry at you then you'll disappear and no one will ever find you LOL


ColScott said...

hey I saw that photo for sale on ebay Deb. If it is copyrighted it is NOT to Debra Tate.

Heaven said...

Since Debra didn't take the picture, it's not copywritten to her.

She just thinks it is....


ColScott said...

may I ask where she has said this?

Heaven said...

On her Official Sharon Tate website...


angeLos said...

CM "fund" a new girlfriend up north...SS

Anonymous said...

On August 6th, 1925 Leno LaBianca was born.