Wednesday, August 01, 2007

August 1- It Begins....

Seriously, how much do you love the Col? I stole this freaking photo off of ebay with such quality you could print it yourself and not have to pay a shitload of money. I am not sure what these people are paying so much for anyway- buying the photo does not give you the copyright, so you can't USE the photo except for your bedroom wall. And that's too sick even for the Col.

Anyway, it is August 1. 38 years ago Gary Hinman was dead and the beginning of the end had started. In eight nights Sharon Tate would be so hideously murdered for no reason by a bunch of losers even I can't think too much about it.

But this is a more pleasant sight. Here is a brilliant photo. It seems to be an army issue photo of the Tate Family in happier times. The Col Paul, looking quite regal. Sharon, the apple of Dad's eye. Doris, thin, young, happy. Debra, before she grew up to Jabba size and hoarded her father's ashes.

Yes, in any other context the photo is a trite look at the American Family in 1956. But what it really is is a photo of happiness, thirteen years before some jerkoffs destroyed both the Tate Family and America's piece of mind.

And the killers still try to get parole.....shocking.


agnostic monk said...

you ask, how much do I love the Col? THIS MUCH!!!!!! What an amazing photo.

But Col, maybe consider being a little nicer about Debra. It's not like the woman wanted any of this.

ColScott said...

Debra is not nice.

agnostic monk said...

I know little about her other than the interviews I have seen. I guess she has pissed some people off showing up at certain parole hearings, or because of image/copyright issues regarding her sister's likeness.

Maybe she isn't nice. I don't know her and I doubt most here do. Her family was destroyed by a tragedy and how many of us can truly grasp what that means? Either way, I was referring to references about her weight and looks. I don't see how it's relevant, but maybe I'm just being uptight.