Saturday, March 18, 2006

You Should Learn in Criminology Class

Alexis at KTS writes:

While in my criminology class, one of my classmates brought up an
idea that Sharon Tate could have escaped the from the house on that
fateful night. I couldn't help but think that he doesn't have the
slightest idea of what went on, but just out of curiosity, I went
through my books to see if there was some truth to his statement.
While looking at "The Family" by Ed Sanders, I came across an
interesting section, oddly enough in the chapter "Death On Cielo
Drive." Sanders states that Tate was left alone in the living room;
Krenwinkle had given chase to Foldger while Atikins and Watson were
outside finishing off Frykowski. He states that Tate made her way
to the front door of the house and was caught by Krenwinkle who was
walking in from the hallway. I looked through "Helter Skelter" at
the rough blueprint of the house, and I noticed a rear entrance to
the house, just to the right of the fireplace. My question is, if
Tate used this door to make her escape instead of going to the front
door, would it be possible that she could have made it out? Of
course there is much more information I have to factor into the
scenario, but to me this is just too tempting not to pass up, so my
class has decided to recreate August 9th, 1969. This is where I
need everyone's help. I need to know the heights and weights of
Atkins, Krenwinkle, Watson, and Tate (before pregnancy). Also, if
anyone knows where I can obtain a more detailed blueprint of the
house, please let me know. I know that last one is going to be very
difficult to find, but I would greatly appreciate the help. If you
have any other information you feel would help me out, please let me
know that as well. Thanks everyone...I'll report our progress as it
goes along.

What the hell is the point of this exercise? Suppose the idiot in your class "proves" that an eight and a half month pregnant woman COULD have escaped from armed assailants she wasn't expecting- so the hell what? Does that make her somehow responsible for her fate? Does that make Tex-Sadie-Linda-Katie somehow less responsible? Usually with a class assignment one is trying to prove or disprove a theory that has some purpose. What is the possible purpose here? Why not try to prove that my flatulence has health-giving benefits? It is just as valuable an exercise.

The things they teach in school today!

How about turning the project into a dissection on the bestselling true crime book of all time, The Bug's Novel HELTER SKELTER? The class can concentrate on outright lies, thinks that make no logical sense as well as things that just sound wrong. Then the question can be put - Are there more errors that there is page count?


starship said...

CBS has that show 48 hours II or some such thing where they revisit old cases, Jeffrey MacDonald's case was one recently looked at. I think Tate-LaBianca is ripe to be re-looked there DNA evidence left that hasn't been tested?...We need some new, hungry, ambitious young reporters to try to make some sense out of this thing...

Yepyep said...

LOL You're so right on, Col! I think there ARE more errors than page counts in that book!

4Sharon said...

I remember seeing that back door, by the fireplace. It could have been locked. Either way, even if she got hard would it have been to find her? Not hard, in her condition, with all of the NUTS running around after her, etc. etc. The property looks too small to hide behind anything, esp. with all of them searching after her and how fast could she run out the gate...that distance..etc. etc.
Plus, yes, what matters is that the kooks stay in prison for life, not the dumb things like that, that don't matter NOW.

Heaven said...

Sharon looks so cute in that picture....


60skid said...
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