Friday, March 17, 2006

BB Talks About His Parole- Reposted

This is the letter that accompanied Bobby's missive to the Parole Board. I had to get permission to share it with you. I hope this works- I really feel the guy's pain.

Dear loved ones and friends,

The last time I wrote to all of you I was feeling somewhat wounded and at odds with the world in the aftermath of my parole hearing last December. Thanks in large part to the generous support all of you have given to me, each in your individual ways, I now feel strong and empowered, and focused on following a course of action that makes perfect sense to me. All of the words of encouragement, suggestions, ideas, and sage advice I have received have been incredibly valuable. I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and relations.

In the near future I will write you another letter to tell you about my decision on the Path A/B issue. Meanwhile, I have written a letter to the parole board. In it I am requesting that my hearing be reopened, and I make my case for why this is the appropriate determination. A copy of the letter is attached as a Word document for those of you who are interested in following this process.

The hearing decision becomes final on April 4. I have no idea how the board will respond to my letter. My case is strong, with very solid grounds, but it is rare that the board reverses one of its hearing decisions. If the decision is affirmed, the matter will then be taken into court for resolution.

Feel free to express, at any time, any thoughts you have on the matter to the parole board. The address is on the letter. Anything you write to them will be considered, and will be made part of the permanent record for this and the next hearing.

Thank you all for being there (here) for me.



RichSpeck said...

That picture provokes really sad thoughts to me. Someone dead (Hinman) and a kid in his prime over thirty years later rotting in prison with a family that loves him from beyond the bars.

At least give Bobby a farm job with a relaxed situation and can visit with the family from time to time and to appease the hard liners, that's the way it will be.

chasingbunnies said...

They should let all these guys out. They murdered a handful of people a million years ago. It's not like they flew planes into buildings and killed thousands of US citizens. Everyone is entitled to second chance.

60skid said...
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