Friday, July 14, 2006

Roman Polanski Interview Part 1

The Best way to Piss People Off (PPO) which the Col likes to do is to assert that Polanski is one of the greatest filmmakers in history. Which of course he is. As Kasem would say, winding down our 1994 hit parade we have Roman talking about his dead ex wife.


Jean Harlow said...

I agree with you Colonel - he is one of the greatest filmmakers which is not to say that he has always exercised the best judgment. That being said I never spent my childhood as a Jewish Pole during WWII nor did I have my 8 month pregnant spouse slaughtered in my home by a bunch of nutbars.

He has paid his victim compensation through her lawsuit and has been exiled for almost 30 years which is a life sentence in its own way. I think enough's enough - the prosecutor was priceless.

Dok said...

I feel for the man. Sure, he lacked proper judgment, but the man should get a break.

SaltNSlug said...
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spookycatz said...

Roman Polanski is a great director.

He also gave drugs and liquor to a 13 year old girl to get her to have sex with him. Sorry, as a mom, I think that's so wrong. 13 is a child. If she was so willing, why the drugs and liquor? And for him to say, "she was not a virgin" is pathetic!

I'm quite sure there were any number of young and legal starlets who were more than willing to share his bed.

We all have things in our lives that have been traumatic. It is not an excuse to traumatize others.


Salem said...

I agree Spooky.
I think he was scuzzzzzz.

Bren said...

Great filmmaker, yes. Upstanding person, no.