Saturday, July 29, 2006

Manson Family Reunion Part 2

Here we get the late, great Bill Nelson, the molester of young girls who was so obsessed with the case and brought us so much good... and so much bad. Bill died last year. I don't care. I love the TJ/Nellie exchange. Who stole the gun Bill?


starship said...

Help me please: Did Manson actually say that to Geraldo? Leno's black book? Is he just playin with us, or what?

Salem said...

GO TJ!!!!!!
thanks Col.
really enjoyed this clip!

Denise said...

Actually, I thought it was painful to watch.



Jean Harlow said...

Who's Delores? Thank you Col.

Yepyep said...
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Jean Harlow said...

Thanks yepyep!

Salem said...

was it ever told, that C's granddad killed himself becuz he lost his land?That meant alot to Charlie..It hurt him deeply.
C loved the farm his grampa george had. C has always had the utmost respect for The Land. and still does.
we ( C and me)have written alot about this to each other as my husbands grandfather killed himself when the government took over 300 acres from him back in 1963,for a airport here in this hick town that NEVER was made! And hubbys grandfather shot himself , as he was so depressed for losing land that had been in family for 3 generations back then.. Thankfully we do have at least 3000 acres still left of a 20,000 acre farm that once was one of the biggest farms in NC.
( just sharing)