Sunday, April 23, 2006

Condos in Heaven

This woman rented Sharon and Roman 10050 and was seen in several documentaries about the case. She also scared small children with her surgeried face.

Celeb Real Estate Agent Elaine Young Dies

The Associated Press
Friday, April 21, 2006; 2:49 AM

LOS ANGELES -- Elaine Young, the real estate agent who bought and sold so many properties to and from the stars that she became a celebrity herself, has died. She was 71.

Young died Thursday at Cedars Sinai Medical Center after a months-long battle with cancer, according to her daughter, Jennifer Young, and her brother, Tony Garber.

Glamorous and ebullient, Young lived a life that rivaled those of her star clients, who included Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, Warren Beatty, Burt Reynolds, Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand and Stevie Wonder, among others.

She married six times, once to film star Gig Young, who was the father of her daughter. She appeared on television, was profiled in major publications and drove a Rolls-Royce convertible with the license plate "Elaine 7."

It was in the Rolls that she shuttled her clients to some of the most pricey properties in Southern California.

"She was a gallant soul. I knew her from way back because Gig Young was a good friend of mine," author Dominick Dunne told The Associated Press. "I always think of her sitting in the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel, holding court, saying hello to people, being funny."

One of her sales was a $25 million estate belonging to the Sultan of Brunei. Her more recent listings included the multimillion-dollar estate of rock legend Smokey Robinson.

Fame and Hollywood's glitzy lifestyle had its dark side, however.

In the 1970s, Young did what many Hollywood stars were doing: She sought to improve her appearance through cosmetic surgery. It was the beginning of a horror story that would haunt her for the rest of her life.

As she told it many times in interviews warning others about the pitfalls of such operations, she was maimed by a doctor who injected loose silicone into her face to accentuate her cheekbones. After a time, the silicone began to migrate, causing eye problems and disfigurement.

She underwent 46 surgeries to try to remove the material and correct the problem. The doctor, meanwhile, committed suicide and Young never received any compensation for the medical disaster.

In the end, the disease that claimed her life began with a cancerous tumor in the part of her face that had endured so many surgeries.

Young's soft voice and gentle manner belied her flossy image, and famous clients were drawn to her. She was one of them, born and raised in the realm of Hollywood fantasy.

Her father, David S. Garber, was a manager at Universal Studios and she grew up with the movie business. She graduated from North Hollywood High School and attended the University of California at Los Angeles.

When she began selling wildly expensive Southern California palaces, she acknowledged that even bringing herself to tell clients the price was daunting.

She listed her first million-dollar home in the 1970s and recalled showing it to a potential buyer who pointed out that it had only one bathroom.

"I got up all my courage and I said, `Well, what do you expect for a million dollars?'" Young recalled.

That story and many others became the basis for her book, "A Million Dollars Down," an often humorous memoir of her adventures with the rich and famous.

The secret of her success, she said, was in keeping tabs on the domestic lives of celebrities. If she heard that a famous couple was divorcing or marrying, she knew that a home sale or purchase was likely, and she would contact them.

A slogan on her Web site read: "If you want to live in heaven, acquire a home or condo from Elaine Young."


deadwoodhbo said...

And to think i was going to consider haveing Botox.yet again a big thank you to the Col,and the opening statement to this new post is FAB!.Its a dam shame how old the young look and how young the old want to look.

closed blog said...
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Minion of .Net said...

she looks like an ugly braud to me
shed fit right in at Spahn

Minion of .Net said...

you know whats even funnier
the only braud that comes to mind thats uglier than her is LINDA DEUTSCH and she wrote the damn article

im over here laughin like crazy

Sharon and Woody said...

That woman is so ugly that had Tex tried to stab her with his knife he would have turned to stone the very second that his eyes met hers.

deadwoodhbo said...

Oh boy i do hate people who judge someone by their looks

uncle ace said...
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WackoJacko said...
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WackoJacko said...

Savage said: "I've always said that women should love themselves for who they are and stop experimenting on their bodies.

Michael Jackson is just one example and women get so wrapped up on this "Outer Beauty" thing that they forget that Beauty comes from within."

Thank You Savage - Thank You So Much - I Love You.......(blows kisses to Savage) .....Je t'aime.... Ti'amo.....

8:26 PM

Joe said...

Elaine Young was one of the coolest, smartest women in Hollywood. She knew the secrets and she shared them with just a few people who to this day haven't told.

You who deride her would cream your jeans if you had half the balls, wisdom and KNOWLDEGE about the case she had.

A class act all the way.

WackoJacko said...

"A class act all the way." - says Joey Darling.

You're too kind, Joey..... (blows kisses to Joey, too)

Wacko Jacko
Affectionado di Savage

Minion of .Net said...

take down that picture
these ugly brauds give me nightmares man
i hate to say this man but that jacko dude looks hotter than that cyclops
jays woody would fall off if he got to close to that medusa

WackoJacko said...

Mini of the Net said "Jacko dude looks hot"

I don't want you to think I'm 'off the wall' or anything like that...

and please don't tell the tabloids, Mini, but......

that's the nicest compliment I've heard all evening and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Yepyep said...
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WackoJacko said...

Yepyep said...
"LOL You crack me up WackoJacko!"

What a doll you are for saying that..... thank you, you also are very kind!

Honestly, I'm done with face lifts! My face looks like "One Bad Apple" and no matter how much pain I went through, I still don't look like Diana Ross!

WackoJacko said...

meatwad said...
I have seen your face, ColScott. It ain't that great.

It looks ugly without surgery.

Maybe you have a trophy wife, so what. You're still ugly.

When you die you really want to be remembered as a putz?

Can anyone tell me why Meatball, whose rumored to have penile and testicular implants - says mean things .....? Is it to over-compensate for the fact he can't get an erection and can't take Viagara, either?

Mean-spirited people make me want to cry!!!

deadwoodhbo said...

hmmm meatwad very grown up statement wish i was like you.NOT!

deadwoodhbo said...

when did you see cols face do tell

meatwad said...

"when did you see cols face do tell"

I'm not here to out this clown...oops col.

If it comes to shove I will point the way to that face.

Till then take it anyway you care to.

deadwoodhbo said...

whatever meatwad you boreing fart

Sharon and Woody said...

>If it comes to shove I will point the way to that face.<

Are you threating to put up a picture of Colscott?

They had no problem putting up Woody.

Sharon and Woody said...

>I'm not here to out this clown...oops col.<

Well, it sure sounds to me like someone has issues of some kind.

I detect just a trace of attitude in that last post, no?

Yepyep said...
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Minion of .Net said...

i told that white rabbitt that im gonna make you be what you are or ill skin your fuc*ing ass
ill hang you from trees
ill do whatever i gotta do to survive man

deadwoodhbo said...

Mr manson do you what a change from miss lake?

Magick_Films said...

You have been suspiciously missing from my blog.

meatwad said...

I know....sawwy

Sharon and Woody said...

colscott it seems like there are some people over at that are still mocking you.

woody and i think its disgraceful.

it's just so common of them. just what i would expect from common people.

deadwoodhbo said...

charlie where are you?

Salem said...
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4Sharon said...

Sad news, however, I remember clearly a VERY FUNNY STORY:

Remember the convicted pedaphile we discussed in a previous topic header? I heard from one of Don's board member buds, that he CLAIMED to have been romanced by her - that she had a crush on him and he turned her down. Now, according to him, EVERYONE had a crush on him. He also claimed he was going to sell real estate for her, shortly before he was arrested for molesting a young girl. But, we all know now, he was full of nothing but BS stories. But, just had to share, as I thought it was funny.