Saturday, October 01, 2011

Why No Films?

With news that Scott Kosar finally dropped the option to the Family and the reality that not a single film that has been announced has started filming as of today, October 1, people always ask me the question "Why can no one make a good film out of what really happened?"

I don't know. I care about motive not films. But if you are sincerely asking my ass why no movies that are any good are getting made, I can offer a thought- is it possible that the BUG did such a good job with his fantasy version of what happened that it has in fact become the reality to people? Do people now think that Charles Manson had magic powers and made people kill strangers so that blacks would kill whites? Maybe.

The other possibility is that maybe the general public doesn't give a shit about this anymore. That I fear is really the case. They would rather buy Latin Love songs cds from the Bug that get to the bottom of the killings.


louis365 said...

Every criminology student, till the end of time, will be studying this case. Helter Skelter...

katie8753 said...

Col, if you want a new movie made about the killings, why don't YOU make one? Aren't you a big movie producer?

Only this time, you can turn the victims into transformers.

Voytek can transform into Megatron. And the killers can be the Predacons.

When Voytek transforms into Megatron, he lifts up his big foot and squashes baby-killing Tex and leaves the others embedded in his footprints in the yard.

Meanwhile, Charlie (Lord Stratus), finds out about the slaughter and sends fellow Predacons Clem & Bruce to the LaBianca house.

Leno transforms into Galvatron. He leaps off the couch and grabs Clem & Bruce by the head with both robotic claws. He throws them both over the Hollywood sign, severing their ties to "now".

Meanwhile, Megatron has finally tromped all the way to Spahn's Ranch and located Charlie (Lord Stratus). He reaches for Charlie and Charlie runs for the hills crying "Mommy!!!". Megatron finally catches up with him and finally let's him find the hole in the desert....with his gigantic fist.

And then...they all lived happily ever after. HA HA.

Do you like that script? I have others.

leary7 said...

I know simple answers are not welcome here...but wether the Col wants to acknowledge it or not, the simple fact is that probably 98% of Americans accept that Manson ordered and orchastrated the murders and they don't really give a shit what his motive was be it starting a race war or avenging a drug burn or lashing out at "piggies" or whatever.
The killers are known and punished so the only thing debatable is Manson's role. And only a very few care to debate that.
Louis is right, the case will always be studied because of it notoriety and certain cultural dynamics, but after forty odd years it seems HIGHLY unlikely there will be any CONCRETE evidence to alter the status quo belief.
Sorry Col, but as much as I admire your zeal and passion, it does seem like you are tilting at windmills as a result of your obsessive hatred of the vile Bug.

leary7 said...

Just a bit of clarification...
The only mystery of TLB is the totality of Manson's involvement and his motive. And nobody, NO FUCKING BODY, can solve that mystery except Manson himself. And if you believe that Charlie will ever be totally forthcoming or honest you are by definition insane.
The Col will of couse scream bloody murder that motive DOES matter matter matter. But really, at this stage, does it? Is there really a cultural or historical need to know if the motive was race war, drug burn, piggie hatred, mafia hit or whatever.
Leslie and Katie have told us what they believed the motive, as have a couple of dozen other participants and observers.
But that will never satisfy someone like the Col who clearly believes he has powers of insight and deduction mere mortals do not possess. God bless him, for it makes good entertainment and keeps the topic alive for the very very few of us who give a shit.

leary7 said...

Nobody is reading this...but seriously Col, you make yourself look silly when make statements like do people believe Charles Manson had magic powers etc.
Did Koresch or Jim JOnes have magic powers? No. And neither did Charlie. What he did have was a mesmorizing prison rap and a group of disenfranchised, skanked out (ode to Katie) idiots who he turned into zombies with an excessive amount of mind-altering drugs and indiscriminate sex. It wasn't magic, just classic behavior modification and group think.
I am a confused, exactly what is it you are arguing - that Tex and Katie and Leslie all are lying when they explain their actions? That dozens of others both in and out of the Family who testify to Charlie's control and penchant for violence are all making it up?
While I respect AC and others who are inclined to argue for minimalizing Manson's role, Charlie's own statements make that almost impossible to do. Just the simple fact that he admists to going into the LaBiancas and tying them up puts him in jail for life. So all the arguing about some magical unknown motive for the killings just seems like a self-indulgent parlor game.
We agree about one thing Col - there is only about a dozen or two that give a shit anymore. Charlie, Pat, Leslie and Tex are all certainly going to die in prison, as are most likely Bruce and Bobby.
And there is no "smoking gun" to be found. The JFK and Lizzie Borden and some other fsmous murders will remain vibrant because there is mystery as to who did it.
There is no mystery in the OJ or Manson thing. As much as folk like the Col would insist there is, 99.9999% of the American public disagrees and doesn't give a shit anymore.
That Manson orchastrated the TLB killings seems irrefutable to all but a handful of zealots. And as to why he did this stage does it really even matter if it was race or drugs or simple anger or whatever.
Seriously, Charlie is the only one who could say for sure, and he has been slinging bullshit so long I seriously doubt even he knows anymore.

Unknown said...

Leave it to the docs/literature. Or wait even longer I think.

Any attempt at scripting this subject matter has turned out cheesy. I haven't read all of the Manson scripts out there but finding a unique voice for these characters beyond what we may know of them is a difficult tight rope to walk. It's really hard not to trivialize it all or make it seem contrived.

I agree with the fact that another theory/take beyond Bugliosi's "motive" will provide some freshness. It's best filmmakers attempting to tackle this stuff and find their voice on the issue. To explore new ways of seeing what we can't discover in a book or watch on A&E.

MMMM kinda did that. Executed it in a way we haven't seen. Which made the familiar topic to those familiar with the case interested.


George Vreeland Hill said...

The real reason for the murders is that Manson was crazy and he had crazy losers for followers who were stupid enough to kill for him because he was angry at the people who lived at 10050 Cielo Drive.
By the way, I live near that address which is now 10066.

George Vreeland Hill

Uncle Gilly said...

Why does George Vreeland hill try and attach himself to this case? a bid for immortality? what of the films Polanski allegedly ( there is that word ! ) shot of himself screwing young girls that Sharon Tate told Joanna Pettet ( according to her nephew)they used to watch? or the films of Sharon doing it with Warren Beatty Steve McQueen, Dean Martin, two black guys and Godzilla ( i added that one) what gives Colonel Sir ?!

grimtraveller said...

Two Black guys and Godzilla ?
That doesn't sound like something you'd find on kids' TV....