Monday, October 10, 2011

Commenters Comment and Matter Not

There seems to have been an explosion in the comments section of the previous post. A crazed cat lady that goes by the handle Vera Dreiser started attacking her betters by defending Orca Tate and thinking she could ever run logic rings around me, the Col. Then another fidjit named katie also starting defending Debra. Both mentally impaired posters then convinced themselves that they had "won" the argument. They did not. But in so doing they so confused everything that I feel the need to clarify the facts even though NONE OF THIS IS NEW.

1- Debra Tate was disowned by her family a long long time ago. I do NOT know why. I hear reports that Doris would chase her as a young girl around with Holy Water. Not sure which one of them is crazier in that case. She has NO relationship with any of the survivors of the Tate family. She was specifically and clearly disinherited from all wills that were ever drawn up. Again, I do NOT know why. I heard stories and have seen pictures of her at 16 nude with Pic Dawson at Cielo. There's a good reason. Trying to trade on her dead sister's name and posing for Oui, there's a good reason. I can offer a dozen more reasons. I don't know why she was disinherited but she was. Completely.
2- In retaliation for this Orca keeps the ashes of Col Tate someplace other than in the grave next to Doris where he wanted to be. This happened because Col Tate did not fill out a living health trust leaving the ashes to a more responsible party.
3- When Sharon died any publicity rights (which didn't come into being for another decade or so in California, but fine) went to Doris. When Doris died they went to Paul. When Paul died they went to a trust for Patti's kids and for Debra's poor child. Debra Tate does NOT own any rights to Sharon Tate's likeness, name or pictures.
4- Despite the 100% accuracy of #3 above, Debra Tate frequently goes around legally threatening people for using Sharon's name and likeness. This despite the fact that that she OWNS NOTHING.
5- Debra defended Polanski in his lawsuit against Vanity Fair. Fair enough, I think he was right. But in so doing she claimed that he treated Sharon very well and that she was not about to leave him. This is a false statement. Does she lie or again was she not involved in the Tate family even then?
6- Debra never had a moment alone with Charles Manson. She was not called by the police when Sharon was found. No part of her story of involvement is true.
7- Despite a false reading of the rules by Dreiser, you are not allowed to have unlimited people speak for the victims. This would become a free for all. Each family files a legal designated form with the Board. As the direct heir, Paul filed a form designating who is legally allowed to speak at the hearing. It is not his disowned daughter Orca. Now no one has ever enforced this designation. My post was only about hoping that someone would at the next hearing.

Personally I don't like Orca Tate. She is a liar, a bully and a fraud and not a very nice person. It does not sound, from stories I have heard, that she became that way because of her sister's killing. It sounds like she was always that way.

But I will not bow to the lunacy of cat ladies like Dreiser or mental midgets like katie. They are welcome to like Orca or NOT like Orca. They can comment or not comment. Personally they mean nothing to me. It is when they MAKE THINGS UP that they become a plague upon us all.


Suze said...

More MPD with a side order of Texas Schizo, please.

Anonymous said...

I know I sort of have been agreeing with both sides- because to be honest I am a bit confused, but

Number 7 here is closest to my own experience- and that is Paul Tate as administer of Estate would have had the right to make this designation.

with his passing, it is probably easy to understand why they let her oldest living sibling speak on her behalf.

As well - who is left in her family to argue?

I wonder if the California Parole board knows what her standing was within her family?

katie8753 said...

My dear Col, I don’t know where you’re getting your info that Debra was born a “bad seed” or that Doris chased her around with holy water, or that Debra has no rights to pictures, etc. I have no knowledge of any of this and as far as I know, you could be right.

I never said I “like” Debra. I think her association with Polanski is pathetic. BUT…I do think she has the right to attend parole hearings if she wants to.

Questions: if Debra decides not to attend Tex’s next parole hearing, would anybody show up to represent Sharon? Is Patti’s daughter that eager to sit and listen to what happened to Aunty Sharon? Is there a reason why they can’t both show up?

leary7 said...

Ah, the lovable Col once again clearly inferring that anyone who disagrees with him needs to be put away or exiled to the island of misfit toys.
It does seem near impossible to like or respect Debra, but like Katie says, she is a sideshow. Who cares? Railing against the existence of assholes, as seems the Col's passion, is like cursing the moon for the night. Assholes exist, just a universal fact. And they certainly exist on these boards and in the Manson saga. So why rail against them like some crazed zealot. Why not just enjoy their entertainment value?
Insulting and degrading the ladies remains in bad taste though Col. Vera and Katie are both clearly intelligent and highly entertaining. Get down off that high horse once in awhile, will ya.

ColScott said...

Know there is no reason that they both cannot show up. Probably that is how it should be. Legally Debra has no right, but hell, if it helps keep Tex in there why not?

It is my belief that Tex has less than no chance, which is why it feels like a needless attention grab. But it is just my educated opinion.

Vera Dreiser said...

The Col is just the tool of Lisa Statman.
As brainwashed by her as the girls were by Charlie.
Grow some balls Col.

ColScott said...

What is your relationship with Debra Tate? Are you in fact Debra Tate? What has brainwashing got to do with anything? Was Debra disinherited or not? Of course she was- so how am I brainwashed. Does she still have her father's ashes? Of course she does.

Defend your position and tell us that you are Debra- you juts gave yourself away.

Vera Dreiser said...

"What is your relationship with Debra Tate?"
I'll tell you after you tell us what your relationship is with Lisa Statman, big guy.

"Are you in fact Debra Tate?"

"What has brainwashing got to do with anything?"
Your buying all of Statman's biased lies about the Tate family.

"Was Debra disinherited or not?"
Have no way of knowing that and it's none of my business anyway abt what goes on between a father and a daughter.

"Of course she was- so how am I brainwashed."
Because you believe all the other rubbish -- that the father would've disowned the daughter over decades-old pics of her with Dawson (if they even exist -- you still haven't produced them); that he was anymore bothered by her appearing nude in Oui than he was Sharon in Playboy (I'm sure he was bothered by BOTH but not enough to disinherit either), etc., etc., etc.

"Does she still have her father's ashes? Of course she does."
Don't know that either, but even if she does, who else should have them -- his grandkids? His daugher-in-law Statman?
No, his DAUGHTER, Debra. His closest blood relative.

"Defend your position and tell us that you are Debra- you juts gave yourself away."

Hope you're a better movie producer than detective, Mr. Murphy.

leary7 said...

Can you fill us newbies in Vera?
Is the Col, aka Mr Murphy, really a movie producer? I read several times he is a disbarred lawyer, but if he is a movie producer can you list any movies that he has produced?
The Col says none of the Manson movies are in production. Can anyone verify that? What happened to Susahna Lo's thing?

Vera Dreiser said...

leary7 said...
Can you fill us newbies in Vera?

No, then he'll REALLY ban me.

ColScott said...

I am not banning anyone. The movie producer thing was handled in a post years ago.
How do you KNOW I have a relationship with Statman? You act like you aren't Debra and then prove you are.
Most importantly, you remain a fucking crazy cat lady. The ashes are supposed to be buried as per his wishes. They aren't because Orca is living some sort of weird revenge fantasy, probably peeing in the urn nightly or something.
I only deal in the truth Vera. You don't like the truth, go hang out where you are wanted.

adam said...

Like Col said, Tex is never getting out ever. Orca showing up to his hearings means fuck all to the end result. While I have every sympathy for what she was put through, don't you feel she'd be better off moving on with her life and putting the past to rest (safe in the knowledge that Tex will die behind bars), rather then trying to make herself a minor celeb out of all this?

Anonymous said...

Colonel said-
“Tex has less than no chance, which is why it feels like a needless attention grab”.

Exactly Colonel. I agree. Tex has zero chance! Debra’s attendance at the hearing is almost certain, but it really doesn’t matter now does it? Tex is NOT being released. So why is this thread interesting? Answer-- it’s not.

Furthermore, your humble opinion of Debra is even less consequential than Debra's attendance at the hearing itself-- and therefore, an even BIGGER needless attention grab. Your opinion is inconsequential. Why should anyone care what some online personality named Colonel (whoever the fuck you are) thinks of Debra Tate? Tom’s right. This thread sucks.

This used to be a great blog. For years, you went the extra mile to bring your readers police reports, never seen information, and groundbreaking research backed by documents. You also had a huge video collection on youtube. It was official, or at least arguably official. Now, all you offer your readership, is personal opinion and insults, regarding Bugliosi, Helter Skelter, Debra Tate and Kasabian. That’s over, and over, and over. How many fucking times can people read the same four freaking threads? Answer-- several evidently. A sad statement regarding your current readership. We get it Colonel. You hate Bug, DT, HS and Linda. Can we get on with it?

Anonymous said...

The Jerry Springer show is the same program every time. There’s never a new script. So, why do people watch? They’re simply watching to see a brawl. That’s all Springer offers-- and it‘s predictable. A predictable plot, followed by a predictable brawl. That’s what this blog has become. It’s the same four rotating threads, and you keep it hopping by putting on a “show” by fighting with everyone who enters. This site isn’t about the case any more. It’s about you entertaining everyone with foolish antics. Granted, you’ve always been a completely miserable bastard, but at least you did your homework. New homework. Original homework. I know, I know-- “if I don’t like it, why do I come here“? I’m hoping that maybe, just maybe, I’ll see a glimpse of the old Colonel again some day, and maybe stumble upon some new material here.

Speaking of Springer. Here‘s “my final thought“--
I’m sure Debra Tate could care less what a fictitious online character, who fancies himself a “Colonel” thinks of her. And, I’ll tell you what. If you HAVE kicked-up enough sand over the years, to cause Debra any stress at all-- well that’s a pretty fucking sad and pathetic commentary concerning you, Colonel. Get a life, as they say. Get back to some NEW, legitimate research, or call it a day. Why are you obsessing over a woman, who hopefully doesn’t even know you’re alive? Because hopefully, she doesn’t. This has become a freak show, and you Colonel, are functioning as the head freak lately. By the way. The Mathew Roberts thread was already run at Thelma’s blog, and the Marcy, Martha movie at Lynyrd‘s. Un-original crap again Colonel. Like I said, come up with some new shit, or fuck off. The name of this blog should be changed to “The Official Feuding Freak Circus, with No New Content”. Step right up, and get insulted. Admission is free.


Suze said...

Proteus said...

Would you like me to out Vera too?

Sure, what the hell.

TomG said...

Cardinals manager Tony Larussa retires. Wow.

ColScott said...

Would you like me to out Vera too?


leary7 said...

All hail the Dickhead...
I love a good rant and his was dead on this time., I am new to this stuff so am still trying to make sense of the players. I had no idea the Col was a movie producer. Thanks for the links.

Suze said...

Dickhead, Dickhead, Dickhead. At least The Col's rants are clever and entertaining. Yours are just, well, rants. And you only seem to show up for brawls, so why do you act like you hate them? When you see a rant you recognize and respond to in an instant, like a puma recognizes an injured gazelle.

Lighten up, man. It's just a blog. No one learns anything from it, so why do it?

Good to see you, though...

Vera Dreiser said...

What're you talkin about, Melee? He deleted three or four of my posts on the previous thread. He sure as shit ain't doing anything for me!

Suze said...

From Proteus comes the adjective protean, with the general meaning of "versatile", "mutable", "capable of assuming many forms". Like a MONKEYBOY.

Proteus said...

Of course, I could just like James Joyce ... the bit in Ulysses when Stephen is walking on the beach with the dog!

No, I'm not Savage (or savage for that matter). Not that I can prove it, or need to.

Magpie said...

Just to be nitpicky, Debra Tate is the successor-in-interest of record in California for Sharon's publicity rights and has been since 2002. Now whether you believe she DESERVES them, or whether she is abusing them by making legal threats above and beyond what she's entitled to, the fact remains that until someone contests her claim, the rights are hers.

ColScott said...

on what do you base your assertion?

Magpie said...

Hi Col.

I'm basing it on the California Successer-in-Interest Register:

(search for "Sharon Tate").

Like I said, it doesn't mean that all of her actions against people are legitimate (or even that her claim would survive a legal challenge), but at the moment, she is the owner of record.

melee1969 said...

Well Col, it looks like you've been out-pokered.

You bet that Debra had no rights.

But Magpie raised you successor-in-interest of record.

Looks like you fold and Magpie gets the pot.

Magpie said...

Hi melee.

Thanks for the bump, but I wasn't intending to slap down the Col in any way. His comments on HOW Debra has used her perceived "rights" are still pretty spot on, and it's entirely possible that those rights would completely disappear if someone actually challenged her in a court.

katie8753 said...

Magpie, how did Debra misuse her rights?

Other than a few mis-steps in the facts about her meeting with Manson, and that Sharon got an Academy Award, and that she was the one who told Polanski that Sharon was dead....maybe dementia is catching up to her.

"A momentary loss of muscular coordination"


Shimmy said...

Ha!! Well said Dickhead! This blog is just about done.

George Vreeland Hill said...

I never liked Debra.
She feeds off the death of Sharon.
Patti had class.
So did Doris.
The things Debra does gives the Tate familty a bad name.
Shame on her.

George Vreeland Hill

Anonymous said...

Hey Col, I was surfing Manson sites. I tried to join the KTS group. They sent me a questionaire to fill out before being accepted. HAHAHAH, they only have 5 members, REALLY?? Also I was just on a site, I dont remember the name of it though, Damn my memory, Anyway there was two letters from Orca addresseing the Restless Souls book and the authors. Have you read these letters Col? I sure would like to get your take on it. I havent seen it posted on your site.