Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Trouble with the Nets

The trouble with these newfangled internets is that people can say they are anything. I say I am a disbarred attorney from Hawthorne California, others say I am a rich film producer (sweet!). And without absolute proof, our desire for the truth can be thwarted by a two bit moron from Des Moines.

When Clark Ronson (not his real name) started the TLB message board peripheral people did show up- Karen McCoy Montecillo, the friend of Steven Parent who claimed they dated (he liked boys, so no). But then more central figures showed up, including the legendary Ouisch. But then it turned out that Clark himself was pretending to be Ouisch.

Nelson the Molester did uncover Snake and Hoyt, but even he was desperate to speak with the central people. He even wrote an unreadable book about trying to contact them.

Guess what? They don't want to be contacted.

Clem gets outed and his mobile attorney starts throwing threatening letters.

These people don't want to be contacted.

Repeat that to yourself over and over.

On this site I have been contacted by many imposters.

I was able to ascertain that Nancy Pitman was real.

As was the grown up child of Lauren Willett.

Others not so much.

Why do people pretend? Because it makes them feel powerful.

But these people don't want to be contacted.

Over at the Evilliz blog (where she has censored my postings, an odd thing for someone who complained about Cats so much) someone claiming to be related or associated with Gary Hinman has spoken out.

This person has sent photos. Photos that were unearthed by Heave on her awesome site years ago.

She has sent letters that don't sound like Bruce or Bobby, but who knows, maybe they are. Whenever I speak to Bobby, MDMA is a major factor in what happened.

She has sent claims. Claims that Hinman didn't deal drugs. It is very likely he did. Claims that he wasn't gay (again, I will never understand people acting like that is a bad thing.) He most definitely was.

But, Class, take the point above (these people don't want to be contacted) and decide

- Does the alleged close Hinman associate NOT appear at any Parole Hearing for Bobby or Charlie or Bruce for FORTY TWO FUCKING YEARS and then one day show up online at a new and disorganized site and reveal "the truth"?

Sit with that thought for a minute. Let logic be your friend.

These people don't want to be contacted. Liz, I love your work, dislike your censorship but baby, you been had!


Molly67 said...

I'm not an imposter like you
say. Go ahead read my email. I
told you to contact me. Yes
those are Bruce & Bobby's letters.
Yes I did write to both of them
to get their full explanation
on Gary's murder. Maybe your
the one you needs censoreship
because if I told you what I
really think about you it would
have to be deleted anyway.

Yes I am Gary's relative.
True none of his relatives have
attended his parole hearings.
But that doesn't mean they don't
care about him. I know I do.
and two of his cousins do also.

Yes we have written to the parole
board. Since you asked me to speak
my mind I will.

No, Gary wasn't a drug dealer.
Why don't you read the fine print
for once. You live in a fantasy
world because I don't need to feel
powerful you do.

True I don't have any other pictures of Gary. But I
need to explain why either.

BTW please email me if you wish to
have further details on his life
because I have them.

Its not my problem if you believe
me or not. Sounds as though your
just ticked off. Because you won't
be able to defame dead people anymore.

You classless Jerk

dead. You never get at the truth.

candy and nuts said...

Col I doubt LIz would censor you I have known her along time and the only person Ive ever seen her censor is monkeyboy...

Panamint Patty said...

Some comments on our "disorganized" board were deleted out of respect to Molly/Miranda and the memory of Gary. Because after all Col, you have your own blog where you can say whatever you want, whether it is helpful or harmful, "true"or false. Censorship is what happens when someone is denied his or her voice and I don't see that happening here.

PS I believe Molly/Miranda is who she says she is. No hard feelings, I hope.

candy and nuts said...

Col due respect however Ive know LIZ even before she started this blog to say disorganized is a bit harsh and Liz has promoted your blog as well for you to call her out this way really isnt neccesary

Anonymous said...

Yeah Patty because everyone online is who they say they are right??

My real name and my personal email address are sent to everyone whose sites I post on- Liz knows my personal information, and Matt has been on my face-book page where he had access to my friends and family. My real picture always sits right next to my name on my blog....

anyone who wont do the same- is open for debate in my book... ( Maybe Molly/Miranda has done the same)

People with nothing to hide- hide nothing...

It doesn't matter to me who Molly/Miranda is any more than who Col is.... or any of you really ( Well- Marliese has made me wonder lol )

It also doesn't matter if Gary was Gay or sold drugs... Bobby took his life, and needs to pay for what he did.... period! There is no debating that- it is already done, and he goes nowhere- even he knows that know.

What DOES matter is if Charlie knew Crowe was dead and if that caused TLB :)

I really, really want to be right!!

Panamint Patty said...

Saint, there are a lot of freaks out there. I mean, I have nothing to hide, but the very first time I commented aon ANY site, MonkeyBoy called me a "c**t" As such, I keep my info private at the request of Mr. Patty. He just does not "get" our hobby, he thinks we are weird.

Anonymous said...

lol - funny- my wife doesn't think it is the best use of time either :)

Well as long as Liz/Matt aren't among the freaks- I should be o.k.

Molly67 said...

I apologize for my rude comments.
Yes Liz does have my real name and
where I live. and also my email
address. I don't have a photo
up. But if you insist I will put
one on. Colonel I do apologize
but like I said you can email
me if you want. I will answer any
questions I can if I'm able too.
I shouldn't of blew off the handle.
But that's just me. I think it would be better if everyone could
just get along. If you really want
me real first name it is Renee.
Molly & Miranda are my cats names
and I just use that for privacy issues.

Anonymous said...

Molly your name is none of my business... and your pic is not either...

It doesnt matter who you are- what happened to Gary was wrong!!!

So please dont feel like I am saying you should do anything either way- There are jsut many many phonie balonies on these sites- and my point is in cases like this whats the difference...

who you are wont change what happened, and has nothing to do with what was wrong or right about it...

I dont think people should put so much stock in that either way- I have been blogging for two years or so- and the subject of Garys drug dealing comes up quite often- why should so many people get up in arms when a relative shows up??

none of these people had a problem discussing these things before...

It is taboo now? and if every time someone shows up claiming to be a victims friend- we have to start changing the way we talk??

go back and look at every blog that I have ever posted regarding the victims- I have never said anything that I would have to hide from- so to me it doesn't matter if you are real or not- because I have been compassionate towards the victims and hard on the family- on Lizs blog- i get in trouble for insulting the old fat bastards who smiled and cheered like idiots in front of the families while the murderers were on trial...

but it shouldn't be off limits to talk about what might ( or might not have) been responsible for the deaths- and maybe it should be handled with some tact- but it should be as open to discuss as..

Sharons sex tapes she did or did not make...

Jay tying up chics and playing boss..

Voytek selling MDMA

Gibby/Leno- mafia- drugs- gambling...

people will discuss any deviance that a person has in there life- when they are involved in such a fantastic crime...

Gary will not be different in this case, and I am sorry for that...

To anyone, whoever they are, if they really care about him

ColScott said...

Molly is a liar and the new post proves that.

Moving on.

A.C. Fisher-Aldag said...

Sometimes Google eats e-mail postings. Don't take it personally. Sometimes Google eats whole accounts. Like mine. They are sitting on a Pacific island with all the socks you lost in the dryer over the years, while D.B. Cooper and Amelia Earhart sit and read all the unintentionally deleted Google comments.

A.C. Fisher-Aldag said...

Many people, especially women, don't post their real information. I do, because I'm too slow to remember my passwords, let alone multiple identities. Also, if anyone takes it into their little heads to be a stalker, someone in my household will use them for target practice. Not everyone online has that luxury (or the rifle scope).