Monday, April 04, 2011

The Official TLB Murders Blog 2.0

Good evening. Pull up a chair and join us won't you? This evening is brought to you by the dulcet tones of The Beatles as well as Lawrence Welk. Let's open a decanter of brandy and pour some...uh...libations.

Welcome back to the ONLY Official Blog that dares to ask the question "Why were nine people savagely murdered and do the people in jail really belong there." This is of course a murder case from FORTY THREE fucking years ago. Yet, because everyone involved was so damn young at the time, precious few of those associated with the case (except of course the victims) have passed away.

I am your host, ColScott. I started this blog many moons ago after being repeatedly banned from lesser sites. These sites tried to coddle the memory of the victims. They took the garbage spewed by BUGliosi in his novel HELTER SKELTER as God Given truth. They didn't want to hear about Debra's disownment, Garrettson's mental breakdowns, or BUGliosi punching out his mistress. They just wanted to oogle fucking Ouisch, or worse, pretend to be her. If you wish any of those things, the Official Blog is NOT the place to do so.

This Blog will do many things. Discuss obscure aspects of the case. Update you with news you might have missed. Argue about whether retards like Jim in New York should be allowed to breathe MY air. But everything we do here is in the service of one thing. Figuring out what REALLY happened. 9 people remain dead and the lying, full of shit prosecutor made up a motive and spoon fed it to Grandma. I want to know why they were killed. For reals.

Now I may never know. It was a longass time ago and a bunch of people want to produce bad screenplays and make more shit up. And worse, the people who DO know haven't said boo in decades so I can't count on them now. But dammit, if we don't try who will? Bret? Heaven? Mark Turner? Evidently not.

The Col as you can see has posted rarely in the last 6 months. I've been wondering, "Whither Goest The Blog?" Do I have any more to say? Is the pursuit worthwhile?

I say thee YES.

The TLB crimes remain a central crime of my lifespan. People remain fascinated with what happened this many years later. They do so BECAUSE of the lies that we seek to unravel here.

The Col is back. You are welcome to join the discussion.

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--> Comments are now open to anyone with a google account. We had them open for years, then closed them when "friends" of Mark Turner attacked en masse. We kept them closed because of Asshats like JimNY who would delete comments after posting (and who deleted my youtube account) and Assclowns like Jempud (what a bizarre name) who don't know shit from shinola. I open them again for the first time in years. Let's all be nice now.

--> Now that the mighty have fallen we really only have TWO "sister" sites. There is Cat's awesome site TRUTH ON TATE LABIANCA which is a great archive and discussion site. And Evil Liz's site which is kind of a "where are they now" site. There is also some other site that steals from people so screw them.

--> Yes I know you want to know more about all these movies not happening. I'll get to it.

--> The Col is here. Accept no substitutes!


Matt said...

Welcome back, Col. I eagerly look forward to 2.0

Pristash said...

Idk what site you say steals, Col, and I suppose it doesn't really matter to me, but in your absence I have found pretty good discussion through Thelma and Louise, and Lynyrd has a new blog up which I have enjoyed, only it's restricted so I cannot post there.

And what's up with Heaven, anyway? I don't believe I've heard anything from or about her in a few years now.

Now let's get down to business!

ColScott said...

It's some lameass site called Helter Skelter.ass or something. No need for it.

SJ said...

After 5 years of reading this blog I can finally comment and this is all I can come up with.

Shawn said...

This blog is very interesting and I hope that it always continues until we all find the answers we are looking for. I have a fascination not with what happened or why, but how. My question that I have that I have not read any comments about is this: Doesn't the "Creepy Crawls" make all of this pre-meditated? And to find the answers to some of the unknown questions, removing one character at a time still points to one person that is orchestrating everything. If you look at it like a math equation and change some of the variables, to me it seems that some of the variables have to be the same.
I hope to hear your thoughts and comments on my ramblings and bad spelling.

Pristash said...

SJ, you're not a Jesuit are you? Well, of course not, you're female.

And Shawn, yes, the creepy crawls certainly fit into the big picture.

Anyone who wants to let CM off the hook because he didn't kill anybody (that we know of) is seriously misguided.

SJ said...

Pristash No, I'm afraid I did not put that much thought into my 'nom de guerre'. SJ is just my initials.

Anonymous said...

Charlie drove the car to Los Feliz and tied up the Labianca's by his own admission. By law, he is as guilty of murder as Tex Watson.

All of the others have admitted over the years to participating in the murders for which they are charged.

Dianne Lake: "Tex told me he killed those people, that Charlie asked him to do it, and it was fun. Don't tell anyone."

Murder is a special crime. The victims don't recover. Bugliosi brought his A game to this case back in 1970, and pursued the guilty with dedication, skill and a formidable legal mind. Isn't that what we as a society hire prosecutors for? Compare and contrast to the travesty that was the "OJ" trial.

There's your truth.

andy said...

i cant believe we're down to two major sites on this case. I've been reading you and posting on the boards for a long time now. Seen some really knowledgeable people come and go. Although i first posted here as one of the "minions" i was reading it for a long time before that, I am glad your blog is one of the sites still left to read.