Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stirring the Wasp's Nest

We got a letter from Gary's "relative." As usual the Col replies in red---

Yes I am really a relative of Gary's.Nice to meet you.

I don't need to tell you how I am related
to him. You don't need to tell me anything...unless of course you wish to be believed. Otherwise you need to tell me a lot more than this.
We never said we didn't want to be contacted.
Not sure what this non sequitur means.

I can't speak for all of
Gary's relatives but his cousin and I don't mind be being contacted. Cool, maybe someone will contact you. Oh wait, Liz did.

Yes that is really
Bruce's letter. Yes that is a letter from Bobby. I wrote to them at the request
of Gary's cousin.Interesting how even they seem to doubt you are who you claim to be.

You're, a contraction of "You" and "are" the one you never wants the truth.It's the only thing I do want, sister, and believing some lunatic off the internet is not how I will get it. You tried to contact me in early 2010, and when asked to offer a SHRED of proof you vanished. Maybe Liz has time to humor you. We do not.

You act like your some
big wig.I act like nothing. This site is WORDS. Anything else is your projection.

You no
know nothing about Gary's life. I do.I have one question and one only, see if you answer it- how many times did you meet Mr. Hinman?

I know he wasn't a dealer and
I know your you're full of crap. Go ahead I'm through playing your game. Don't blame
Liz or Matt.Blame them for what? They censored my comment. That's their right. It is also mine to chastise them for censorship. But blame them?
Go ahead and ask me a few questions. I would be more than happy to answer
them for you.I asked you ONE above. I already know the answer but go ahead, we are waiting.
I really do care about Gary and yes I am dedicated to preserving his memory.Then you would not be doing so on a relatively new and specialized blog. Hell, you wouldn't be doing it here, and I've been at this longer than most. YOu would do so on But you don't.
True I don't have any other pictures of Gary. But I don't need to explain
that tooto you either why I don't have them. You don't need to explain that unless you wish to be beiieved.
Don't try to make people look bad because you are so unhappy with your
own life. That you feel a need to make others look bad.Not at all- I feel a need to not entertain lunatics.
Liz only censored the comments so that you wouldn't badmouth Gary.Being gay is not badmouthing someone you ignorant, illiterate homophobe.
I knew you would. Because you are really pathetic. You are clairvoyant too.
True none of Gary's relatives have attended parole hearing but that doesn't
mean they don't care about him.It does send some sort of message, at least to me.
I know I do and I know two of his cousins
do also. Its It's really your problem not mine what you believe.Then why did you write to me?

More Nutso Drivel

I wish you would stop Defaming Gary.Defamation is a legal term. I know this as a disbarred attorney from Hawthorne. You cannot defame a dead person. It is not legally possible.

Remember what comes around goes
around.The Circle Of Life! Gary was a good person with a kind heart.I believe his young music students got to see more than just his heart. Since you never
knew him you shouldn't be judging him.Did you know him? Meet him? I asked once already.
I really don't care what you think anymore.Yet you keep writing. You have a terrible attitude.Staying above the fray is hard.
I am not as peaceful as Gary was.Does that mean you don't have any MDMA? So keep pushing my buttons.
I will always remember Gary & the other victims honorably.Do you think that is what they would want or would they want the truth about their deaths to come out? WHY was Gary killed? WHO wanted him dead?
Not just because I am related to Gary. But because I think itsit's the
right thing to do and I won't ever stop defending him.You are not defending him. He is not being attacked.
Like I said please contact me. I am not afraid of you.
Like everyone else is.These are sentence fragments that make little sense- I will simply say that no one is afraid of me. Nor should they be.
BTW I am not on drugs.I believe you. I am certain that you are ignorant and illiterate and ranting without the use of narcotics.
Its really a shame you have no respect for Gary. I'm sure
he would be towards you.We be you you be me we be all together.
Actually Bruce & Bobby have more respect for others than you.
And their killers.You stopped making sense already, does your head explode soon? Did someone kill Bobby? That is what you have written.
YourYou're a real sorry human being. ItsIt's also a shame because most
of the blog owners are decent people and nothing like you. And most of them have not had to put up with cranks like you. Liz is great- give her some time.

And now we get Liz, who is smart and articulate

Colonel, Matt responded for me earlier. i was out all day and didn't want you to think i was blowing you off. Miranda gave me enough proof that i believed her. yes those pictures were posted on TOTL, i am not sure if they are any place else. They originally come from a UCLA website. Miranda told me she had contacted Cats/Glenda a while back (years i think) and gave her those same pictures. Miranda did NOT give her those fotos. HUNDRED PERCENT. Miranda never mentioned to me contacting you or your blog.Early 2010 she did.
Besides Cats she mentioned another site but i forget the name now.
Miranda told me there were not alot of pictures of Gary, he did not like to be photographed. i believe it.Maybe. Let's say that fotos taken the year he was killed are rare. But his fucking family would have his senior prom foto. Where is that, Miranda? i hate having my picture taken and i think the last time i had my picture taken was 20 years ago when i had my daughter. i do not photograph well and cringe at the site of any photo of me. i really truly believe her, based on what she told me.I know you do. But you are young in this game and innocent.
she is a blood relative of Gary's. you mentioned on your blog, Gary's
immediate family never wanted to be bothered with the hearings.
they wanted to try to forget it all. it pains them. which i can understand.
Miranda lives on the east coast, a far and expensive trip to look at the person who participated/caused the death of one of your family members and to listen to their ever changing stories. If it were my relative, a small price to pay to keep the culprit behind bars. Not once in 43 years? theHinmans keep in contact with the parole board by mail. Gary's mother and father are both deceased now. When they were alive they had a lot of reasons why not to go to the parole hearings. over the years, especially in the beginning, they received threatening phone calls and hang ups from guess which family? the senseless crime wounded them so that they did not even want to face the killers of their son. it was NEVER spoken about. if anything related to it came on the t.v, it had to be shut off.Well that isn't healthy now is it?
people handle things diffrently, and i guess that is the way the Hinmans do it.
you mentioned on your blog that the letters from Bruce and
Bobby don't sound the same as the ones you receive.
Colonel you and i both know these people are chameleons.
the stories changed with every letter, parole hearing and interview.
they write the things they do to certain people to benefit themselves.
Case wise let me ask you this- if there was any type of drug factory, or drug dealings- don't you think it would be mentioned in a police report?This would assume that the lab was active, but Gary was leaving town in a few days.
i am sure you have read them, i have. also Gary had no drugs in his system at the time of his death. yes i know, maybe he didn't sample his wares but still.
And if she was a fake-how did it benefit her? This is the question. Why do so many people in LA tell the Col that they were headed to a big party on Cielo that night but canceled at the last minute? HELL, why do people pretend they were in OUR GANG when they were kids? They just do. she said nothing hateful about Bruce or Bobby. she remains in contact with Bruce to this day.
i don't know if you are in contact with Bruce, ask him about her-he can verify it. Miranda still exchanges mail with Bruce to this day.
And yes we gave her a fake name since she didn't want to use her real one.
You also said "these people don't want to be contacted." i never contacted Gary or Stephanie Schram's family. they contacted me.You are inverting the comment. I KNOW you didn't. But I a saying that THEY didn't either because it ain't them.
As for "censoring" your comment, one of the deal makers with Miranda was that we would not let any negative or hurtful comments through. weather you believe me or her, try to see it this way-
If one of your family was murdered in a terrible way- would you want to go on the internet and see terrible, un-true, hurtful things said about your dead family member?But they are true and I am not sure why being gay would be hurtful.
especially when someone promised you it would not happen?
and so what if Gary was gay, would that have justified killing him to rid the world of one queer? NO it wouldn't. But if we truly want to know WHY he was killed we need to look at his whole life and his sexuality is part of that, especially in 1969.
i have in no way benefited from that post. if anything all i have received is negativity. I hear ya, Evil One
hope this clears up a few things for you. Liz

and now the finale

  • drug dealer theory‏
Sent:Fri 1/29/10 9:31 PM
I too have talked with one of the victims family members. Your theory about him being a drug dealer is bunk.In other words his cousin says that this is totally false and the killers and their defense used this to mitigate exterminating a fine human being. You can go go with your theory but we know its not true.
Although I have seen you have left his name off your blog for once. And we do thank you for that.

  • Re: drug dealer theory‏
Sent:Sat 1/30/10 9:07 AM
Yes I was talking about Gary. His cousin is adamant about this. He says Rumours about him being murdered as a drug debt are totally false and just used as ploy by the murderers and their attorneys to mitigate the extermination of a fine human being. He says Gary may have used Marijuana casually but
thats it. If you don't believe me why don't you ask Bruce Davis or Bobby I have written to both of them
and they have told me that Gary wasn't a drug dealer and that's not why he was murdered. Even though
they are murderers at least they have shown compassion for the victims and remorse. Something people
off the internet no nothing about. You seem so one sided and made Bobby seem like this also. Bobby
actually does care about the victims as so does Bruce I believe. Not that I want them released from prison
but I see they are at least trying to make amends for what they have done and that is good. As for Jay Sebring and Frykowski I don't know them or anyone in their family but I have my doubts that they were
dealers. But you say you know Jay's nephew so why don't you ask him? See not all the victims relatives
are like Debra Tate on a witch hunt. Yes I do enjoy your blog at times. But constantly bashing Gary is
wrong. Also he wasn't gay either and didn't have a thing for little boys as you say. I know you say don't read my blog if you don't like it. You really don't know much about Gary or the type of person he was but he was a wonderful person who just wanted to help people. But some of the victims families do read your blog think about that the next time.


  • Your IGNORANT‏

Sent:Mon 2/01/10 5:56 PM
You are so ignorant anyway. Your blog really does suck. And you are one of the most ignorant piece
of crap producers around. By the way your name is Don Murphy isn't it. I don't care if you believe me or not.
I am glad you posted my letter because people will now see you for who you are. Keep challenging
people and I am sure it will come back to bite you. You think you know everything but you really don't.
I can Defend Gary if I want. For once I think people would love for you to just shut your big mouth.
  • Gary was a fine human being‏

Sent:Mon 2/01/10 9:50 PM
We really don't care what you think about him. We think he was a wonderful person. He was a lot better person than you'll ever be. At least he cared about people and there feelings. Yes he did help people something you know nothing about. Yes you have defamed his character whether you believe that or not.
I don't need to read your false reports. Gary had a family that loved him and thought the world of him.
I wonder how you can go through life treating people this bad. Even Debra you badmouthed her all the time.
You really should put yourself in someone elses shoes before speaking. Debra may not be perfect but who is at least she loved her sister just like Gary's cousin loves him. Debra has helped people. I may not agree with everything she does. But I do give her credit and she seems like a strong person. Also to
the people on your blog we really don't care what you think about Gary, since really your a bunch of nobodys to us with no compassion or feelings for others. So remember your the one who has Defamed
Debra & Gary. You really don't know if Bruce has remorse or not. I say yes I have read what he says.
Your not always right just remember that.

At no point does bitch say that she is Gary's relative. NOT ONCE. You can see the same illiteracy and ignorance. And she is DESPERATE to teach the COL a lesson and put him in his place. If she WERE a relative would she not have said so?

(and I have talked with other site masters who have similar emails)

Sorry Liz, she is not a relative, she never met Gary and MAYBE she talked to a cousin once. You were had. Better luck next time.

Me, I am used to it. Onward.


hippichick40 said...

This is all fascinating. I do feel Gary Hinman was a decent person (sounds like someone I would've liked very much), and his sexual orientation doesn't interest me at all, but I am very much curious about the mysterious Miranda and her precise connection to the Hinman family.

ColScott said...

There is none.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Col, if that means anything, Why saying you think Gary was gay is bashing him?
Doesn't make any sense, just like SP was selling a alarm clock at midnight,NOT TRUE, he was trying to sell his mouth to Garretson's dick, but so what, whoopy doo, who cares if they were gay NO ONE, but it would help to know when deciphering these murders.