Sunday, December 30, 2007

Col Scott and The AssMonkey Went To Sea in A Pea Green Boat

For those who use the Nets to study the case, we come up against a lot of morons. No place is more full of them that the Candygramma Yahoo Group. The Col basically gave up on the site and cursed it in October. Now the group is basically closed, except for the AssMonkey from Staten Island named Jimmy who is in love with the murdering Hag known as Leslie Van Houten. AssMonkey used to post on the Official Blog under the name Savage. Ask long time regulars- he would post something asinine and then an hour later DELETE it leaving the comments a mess. He is not banned from here- he left in a huff, or a minute and a huff, and no one has missed him since. Anyway, one of the few posts on the dead site is something about us. This was pointed out to me by one of my dozens of operatives that Jimmy believes exists. Let's analyze the mind of a maniac, shall we?
This is the 2nd time now since Christmas that the Col has once again
used my name in vain. He thinks he is the Lord and that we are violating the commandments. In reality, he is a poor deluded young man according to me, and his name is worthy of vain bandiment.

I let it go the first time, but i feel that i
have to respond to this. He let it go? Is that like cutting the cheese? He HAS to respond to us? Why? Because the other retards like Cheryl might.... what?
As i don't post on the Col's blog, he's welcome to come here and
read my reply. Ahhhh, thank you Jimmy. But I know what you are going to do before you do it. I have a monitor in your left Bicuspid at all times.
The Col states the following in a blog listing about Barbara Hoyt:

>>>I was thinking of Barbara because she had a letter read at
Leslie's most recent parole hearing (the one where the bitch got
smacked down for two years and Jimmy got called an obsessed man with
a crush). Barbara's letters are, like so much of this case, full of
shit. ">The Col went back and he stands corrected. The word that Sequiera mumbled was "divorced". As in "wife left him because he loves a multiple murderess". Maybe. Don't know why she left. Now, even though the word is not used in the hearing, here come PARAGRAPHS about LVH. But no, he isn't obsessed. How dare I?

I've stated my position numerous times and Leslie could have easily
intervened and said something had her idiot attorney not prevented
her from getting a word in. Now I did watch it again, boys and girls. LVH never tries to say anything about Jimmy. Not once. Nothing is prevented. Yes. Webb is an idiot. LVH is a murderess. And Jimmy is not obsessed. Follow?

I don't like this double standard that the Col seems to play here. There is no standard of ANY kind. I hate LIARS and Murderers who LIE and Fat Bitches who LIE and divorced men who LIE. The standard seems clear to my readers.
It's funny, i see Bret's article on Veronica Compton and James
Whitehouse and nobody as much as says boo about that. I don't see
any articles on the Cols blog calling him a "stalker" or referring
to him as "obsessive" so why am i always on the short end of a
double standard? Okay everyone. He just compared himself to the husband/lawyer of Sadie Atkins, the seven time convicted lunatic murderess. He wants to know why he is being picked on and Whiteass isn't. Except, Whiteass isn't even worth an article. Nelson thought he was gay and broke. He clearly is the dictionary definition of pathetic loser. And Jimmy COMPARES himself to this guy. WTF is wrong with this character?

Could be it be that he gets special treatment because the Col's
associates probably call his house every other week? My many associates (we are legion!) would not piss on Whiteass if he were on fire. He is beneath acknowledgment. His sole good deed in this world is sucking so bad there is no threat of Sadie ever getting out.

I don't mean to be bitchy about this subject, but i'm still pretty
damn agitated and hurt about that last parole hearing and that
ridiculous charade that went on in that boardroom. He means the one where his delusions were pulled out from under him. Instead of seeing this as a great step forward, he is unhappy with reality.

Maybe the Col
thinks this whole thing is one big joke, Just him

but it's not funny when
someone gets belittled like that. He didn't get belittled. Reality smacked him in the ass.

Regardless of what you actually think, i cared about Leslie very
much and she knows that. It was because of that, I essentially got
used as a punching bag and had every tom, dick and harry, who had no
clue what was going on, try and smear me. Holy shit I am worried about this guy's brain cells. JIMMY- seriously for a minute- even IF you did- so what. Leslie never gave a shit about you. Not because you are an ass monkey. Because SHE ONLY HAS EVER CARED ABOUT HERSELF. EVER. SHE IS A TEXTBOOK CASE OF NARCISSISM AND ME SYNDROME. SHE NEVER CARED ABOUT YOU OR ANYONE. EVER. SHE JUST WANTS OUT.

Everything is a big joke to some people. Well that group you are in is PRETTY funny. Except for Bredlau, nobody has a clue about TLB.

It's not funny. People
have feelings. Then listen to me. I am being nice here man. GIVE IT UP. The whore couldn't use you so she dumped you. Find a FREE woman. Take her to Cabo. Bang her off the walls. LVH is a murderer who regrets getting caught. That is all.

I went through the time and effort to make that one video for Leslie
that showed her highschool years and made an attempt to portray her
as a human being and the Col comes along and just destroys
everything that i tried to create. You give me so much power and I don't have it. I mocked you and mocked you hard and will mock you again because LVH is NOT a human being. You were trying to show the nice side of a stupid murdering whore. She is NOT human. I mocked. I mock again. Grow up.

He took something that was done
with the best of intentions and turned it into something malevolent.
Wrong word. I pointed out that it was ludicrous. It was and is, dude.
Do you think that's fair? It is called life. My opinion. Free Speech. Of course it is fair.

But Whitehouse gets a free pass from the Col? Why do you keep comparing yourself to a piece of shit who lives in a mobile home and has sex with his pillow?

It makes me wonder why the Col has decided to attack Barbara Hoyt
all of a sudden. After all, that parole hearing and her letter was
on the 30th of August 2007. Why now? Read closer- I finally watched the damn parole hearing. I was sick for a while, honey bunny.

As far as that parole hearing is concerned, it's true that Leslie
could have simplified many things had she just taken the initiative
to make herself heard. She chose not to do that. For that i'm really
disappointed in her. Leslie is NEVER getting paroled. Ever. Her only chance is a judge who realizes that she is being held pending rehabilitation that has already happened. I think she realizes now that parole is over.
So naturally the Col finds all of this amusing.
I wish i could say the same, but i can't. I find a lot of it pretty fucking funny actually. But the more I reread this the more I worry that you might harm someone or yourself.

You have to admit one thing Col, since you mentioned you had a legal
background at one time, how dumb was it of Leslie to be allowed to
present parole plans to the board that involved job offers from
inmates either running a law a firm or being in contact with inmates
needing legal council? I admit it. OMIGOD it was beyond insane. "Hi, please parole me even though I show no remorse and am a Manson follower, and let me work with other people who are criminals, you don't mind do you?" It was retarded.

I've said it before, whatever "Counciling" or "Coaching" she's
getting from either her attorney or her friends is an absolute
travesty. Only an idiot would present parole plans of that nature to
the board and think it's a good job offer. Obviously Christie Webb
thought it was a peachy keen idea :) Yes. The entire thing was LAME PLUS. Why was the letter from Hoyt even read? Hoyt has NO first hand knowledge about LVH's crimes. Why was the Sebring Nephew letter read? LVH never saw Sebring in her whole life. Why was Debra in the room? That is insanely prejudicial because LVH never ever saw Sharon Tate in the flesh in her life. It was a circus, a joke. She had ZERO chance.

And people have the jewels to criticize me because i actually cared
about Leslie. Of course we do. You don't get it. You are caring for a PATHETIC WASTE OF FLESH.

I have nothing more to say. You always say that and you always do.

I'd appreciate it if you refrained from using my name in a
derogatory manner. I'm already hurting enough over this as it is. I
know how you are so i don't take it personal, but Leslie meant alot
to me and I don't need to be the recipient of any bad comments. The only comment is that the condition of being an AssMonkey is curable. Let me help you.
1- Stop caring about people who aren't real. Maybe you care about Lindsay Lohan. But she isn't real either. She's a media concoction.

2- Find a woman around your age who is single and who is not in jail or going to jail.
3- Date her.

4- Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

No videos. No letters. No more time on CG's stupid group. GET REAL NOW.

Thank you. No Jimmy, Thank YOU. The life you save may be your own.


agnostic monk said...

man, I go out of town for the holiday and return to find the Col showering the blog with xmas presents followed by good conversation. You were all just waiting for me to leave before you got going, I just know it! I have defended linda kasabian and you hate me for it, lol.

Col: sincerely sorry to hear about your illness. I really hope you are on the mend for good. Not nearly as serious as yours, but I feel like I've caught everything going around since Thanksgiving myself *cough/sneeze/sniffle*. despise holiday travel.

got some blog catching up to do. happy new year to all you freaks, each and every one of you (even the ones reading who never post)!

Heaven said...

Ok that is one scary picture!! lol

Welcome back Monk..


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Sorry about the delete.

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welcome back monk