Friday, January 05, 2007

The Two Real Vests

So Bret must have read the blog and then put up the footage about the vests.

Thanks Bret!

Things to observe---

--> at about 1 minute 10 secs Nancy/Brenda pronouces the nickname of Ruth Ann Moorehouse. I always thought it was pronounced "Wee-shh" Like the French "oui' and then "shh or chh". Bobby in the phone always calls her "OOSH" but not with a long "O" (not oh-sh) but like an exhale, ewsh. When Hoyt did her Nellie interviews, she called her the same as Bobby. Now here, Nancy says her nickname "EWW- Itch". It all seems so inconsistent. Interesting.

--> At 1 minute 22 secs Nancy points to a vest that Kitty has been working on for a year. It takes a while for the camera to pull back and then Sandy is holding it. That's Bobby's vest and the Col has it under museum display. Cost a pretty penny too. The heart of the Phoenix is still right there 36 years later.

--> Notice how Sandy keeps her hands in a surrender position. This is explained in other interviews in the tape, but they are surrendering.

--> The man in the back is Dennis Rice. The woman is his wife. The kids looking ill cared for and sitting in the street, being exploited? Dennis's kids. AND THEY'LL KNOW WE ARE CHRISTIANS BY OUR LOVE.

--> Gypsy the great Christian losing her baby? How is it possible?

--> Mary's parent's best friends with a judge?

--> Any hope from the jurY? Eh- THAT WOULD BE- no.


jempud said...

I noticed in those last two videoclips (girls singing and the vests) that Kitty L has a cross in her forehead in the second and not in the first.

I get really confused with these pics of the girls outside the courthouse. Long hair, no hair, short hair, incised cross, no cross, reincised cross - I can't work out the date order.

Hair doesn't grow that quickly - and an incision like that must take some time to heal.How long did those girls keep up the vigils anyway?


Heaven said...

Thanks Col, great stuff!


Deadwoodhbo said...

Darn i cant get the video to work,however a interesting read thanks Col.