Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Cost of A Decent Burial

I spoke again to the Texas connection, the Tate Family peeps. I was confused. What does Debra Tate gain by keeping her daddy's ashes away from a cemetery? I mean, does she demonically laugh at him at night? "Ahahaha disinherit me will you? First mother turned on me and then you father. Well you'll learn your lesson even if I have to put it in MY will that you never are buried."

I mean ewww. Sick.

Do any of the staunch Debra supporters wish to explain this behavior? The comments are open.

Oh yes, my call to Texas. Here's what I can share.

"Col. Tate always joked about what to do with him after he passed. He'd say 'Put my ashes in a coffee can and store me in the pantry.' or 'I shouldn't have a funeral, just have everyone put some of my ashes in their pockets up at Holy Cross and scatter me around'. Fact is, he wouldn't care about where his ashes are. It's the rest of the family that cares very much."

So I continued thinking- Debra Tate was all about money, right? Money for the Walk of Fame Star. Money for her sister's images. Money from Nelson for the photos he sold. Cash.

Then I found the tombstone pictured.

Hey Debra, how much do you want from your nieces in order to do the right thing?

Just askin'.


Kidmanfan said...

Why the animosity towards Debra Tate? This seems below the belt to me.

ColScott said...

every time we post an update somebody new comes along and asks this question.

I can't believe you even asked this question.

4Sharon said...

I agree Colscott.

I think it's hilarious! Maybe Debra will agree to bury her dad, is she can install a machine next to the headstone, that you can deposit coins know, pay per view, type of thing. LOL

She sure IS about money AND wanting to be a star herself, through the death of her sister. Give it up Debs - you are too old. Notoriety is what she is after.

So, what do you think of a machine to deposit coins in by the grave? LOL

4Sharon said...

That or she is waiting for her head board mod to get her the most bang for the buck, on Ebay!

4Sharon said...

P.S. - the tombstone is funny! LOL

notoriety....yep, could be any one of the above.