Monday, August 01, 2005

Whither Karen?

It always amazes me when people think I am somebody who I am not.

It reminds me of MANY years ago and the case of Karen McCoy Montecillo. She was posting on the old Ronson board and then subsequent boards to defend the honor of her high school boyfriend that was murdered, Steven Parent.

At the time, there were many phonies including the board operator himself who pretended to be Ouisch. I didn't believe she knew Parent and I knew for sure that she wasn't his girlfriend since Steve, according to all indications, liked boys. In this day and age who cares who he dated- but I was sure it wasn't Karen.

Turned out, I was half right- she was a friend of the family's, but could not establish that she had dated him since, again, he preferred men. Being a Col of honor, I paid half the bet, donating the money to her son's high school hand group.

Anyway, I never see her posting anymore. When she showed up with Parent's sister to a parole hearing she was pretty big in size. Is she okay? Is she with us? I enjoyed her energy and spunk.


Erica98 said...

Hi ColScott:

Just wanted to drop you a note to say I really enjoy your blog. I used to read the old Ronson board (those were the days) so a lot of the things you write about bring back memories. I totally forgot about your challenge to Karen! Ah, the memories. LOL

ColScott said...

Thanks- It's amazing for such a "dumbass" blog just how many people are enjoying it.

Stick around- hopefully we can learn from each other.

Thanks again!

Erica98 said...

It's a great've got quite a following. I know lots of people that check it out everyday just to see what you're going to say next. :-)

ColScott said...

I scarcely think that is true but thanks!

Erica98 said...

Don't be so sure...your blog is mentioned quite a lot on the internet site I post on (not KTS), so I know quite a few people do read it.

Anyhow...but enough of the compliments. LOL

ColScott said...

sounds like a cool site
what is it?

Denise said...

I talked to her not to long ago. I miss her too.