Tuesday, August 02, 2005

She Was a Gypsy Woman

Catherine "Gypsy" Share was last seen, according to the horrendous book MANSON BEHIND THE SCENES by Bill Nelson, Registered Sex Offender, in Texas in the Witness Protection Program with a fully grown (now probably 30s) son and a husband in hiding. The book tells in hard to follow detail of Bill's stalking of Gypsy through some strange business he was in selling Christian Yellow Pages (is that a book where you buy Christians for sacrifice?). He was with a Channel 2 News Crew which followed him to Church in order to film Gypsy praying. Surreal! Once there he pissed off the pastor and everyone he could find. He then promised the footage would not run and Channel Two ran it anyway.

Subsequent to this, Gypsy appeared on TV on Hard Copy in 1997 with the Bug (there's no show without Punch!) where he looked old and confused as to why he was there and she lied about things she said at Charlie's trial and became the last in a long line of blamers.

She was writing with one Jana Hughes a book according to Nelson called She Was a Gypsy Woman. This COULD be a major addition to the canonical research of the case. Gypsy was with Bobby during the filming of Ramrodder (where she displays extensively her firm naked body!). Gypsy is seen clothed and not throughout the Manson Documentary by Hendrickson. She had an interesting life before Charlie as a musician and refugee from Hungary. She was allegedly and likely involved in the burial and crime scene clean up of Shorty Shea. She was involved and served time for the Hawthorne Robbery and shoot out. She ran with some hard core criminals after the Family disbanded, and then ended up Christian (uh huh) and in the Witness Protection Program.

Where is this book? Sure, she'll spin the story and lie through her teeth like Paul, Sadie, and Tex. But in between we will learn more details. Will She Was A Gypsy Woman become a lost book like Five Down on Cielo? The Col hopes not!!!!


Anonymous said...

why would gypsy need to be in the witness protection program after all these years?

ColScott said...

she wasn't in there for herself I don't believe but because of her husband.

and once you are in you are supposedly in for life- like Henry Hill.

Russell Lee said...

Bullshit.. old news ,nobody cares