Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Lost History of TLB

This entry is more for my reference than yours, although you are welcome to decipher it.

So far-

1- FIVE DOWN ON CIELO- Book- Paul Tate- Manuscript exists- Reference- News Reports

2- MANSON'S SECOND IN COMMAND- Book- Paul Watkins- inaccurately titled early draft of MY LIFE WITH CHARLES MANSON- pages exist in the Archives of Aesthetic Nihilism- no idea if a full manuscript exists.....

2b- Screenplay based on Watkins book- never seen- referenced in 1989 by Paul on CNN's Larry King live with Maureen Reagan

3- UNTITLED- book by Linda Kasabian- book to warn people about what can happen to you- reference Trial Testimony as published in Zamora book. Kasabian was supposed to receieve 25% of the profits. May not exist.

4- UNTITLED- book of history of the Family- by Squeaky Fromme- was writing it at the time of Ford assassination attempt- referenced in Bravin book- continued existence unknown.


agnostic monk said...

Hi Col, I think the Linda Kasabian book you are referring to was a book she was planning to write along with Joan Didion but that Linda backed out saying she wanted nothing to do with profits from the crime (yes, it is possible that not only is she closer to the role she played on the stand than you might think, but that she also had some scrupples, however mixed-up they were during the time of and immediately following the murders).

Yes, it's me, Mr. In Love With Linda himself. Sue me for feeling some sort of connection to the bitch, ok?

Anyway, keep up the good work on your blog. It's great fun.

agnostic monk said...

oh, also, is it possible the Paul Watkins-inspired screenplay is "The Family", which has come close to being produced a few times in the last few years and had some names like Anna Ferris and Dominique Swain attached to it?

I recall reading some of the screenplay and a good deal was told from Paul's point of view (like peering through a keyhole and seeing Sadie, Katie, and Linda gathering up knives, clothes and Linda's drivers license on the night of the murders - which makes no sense because hadn't Paul already fled by then?)

ColScott said...

Linda's scruples before, during and after the murders, even to the present day as a drug dealer, seem to be more like what I think they are than what you think. She is a thief ($5k from Melton) a 7 time murderess, who left her daughter with killers because she "felt" it would be okay.

No the Family screenplay, which I have read, was based on Sanders mess of a book, not Paul's. There also is a screenplay that I have that is based on Charlie's book- New World wanted to make it in 1989 with the director of STEPFATHER 2 starring Dennis Hopper. I think the screenplay you read was trying to take you through the Family trip via Paul and Mary- Mary comes off quite well in the script- in reality she was a whore and a robber and a gun moll.

agnostic monk said...

well, I guess it's all about perception and what we take from what we read. Make no mistake I don't think of Linda as an angel, she was clearly flawed and made a huge mess of her own life and the life of her kids. But that is partly what makes her so interesting to me. She's like an example of the tragedy of this case that lingered long after Sharon Tate was in the ground.

But a murderess? C'mon. A mixed-up girl who could not negotiate life in the real world following these events. At the risk of sounding like an ABC Afterschool Special, it's a shame she didn't get involved in some kind of outreach for at-risk kids. She could have used her experience to help someone.

But anyway, blah blah blah. I guess we could debate our individual perceptions of the character of Linda Kasabian until the cows come home but neither of us really know who she is as a person, at her core. If we were to meet her in real life, she might surprisingly evoke compassion in you, disgust in me.

Mary, on the other hand; She creeps me out.

ColScott said...

If you drove to TWO nights and stuck around while 7 people were butchered and you didn't do jack until they found you and swore out a warrant I promise you sir, PROMISE YOU, you would do major time for murder and we would call you a murderer.

Unless an extremely ambitious prosecutor REALLY REALLY needed your testimony of course.

Erica98 said...

Regarding Paul Tate's book...you say manuscripts exist. Do you know how to get a copy?

ColScott said...


I know Karen Montecillo has one.
I know Tom O'Neill the magazine writer has one.
I know Debra Tate has one.

I want one too.

agnostic monk said...

I guess again it comes down to perspective. I'm not viewing Linda from the perspective of the moral absolutes of say, the Christian Bible. I'm looking at her from the context of the crimes and the other members of the Manson Family who were involved (I stole that analogy from someone else, can't recall who). Compare Kasabian to my sister and yeah, she comes off pretty bad. Line Kasabian up next to Tex, Sadie, and Katie, and she comes off like Maria from The Sound Of Music, IMHO.

Also try to understand that I'm attracted to stories where even the so-called "good guys" are flawed and prone to major fuck ups.

60skid said...
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