Thursday, August 18, 2005

Listen To Me People!!!!

I was burning my stuff to DVD like I said and I ended up watching Paul Watkins talking to Maureen Reagan on CNN back in 1989. Paul would be dead in a year and didn’t look well. He also was vaguely incoherent, repeating himself and sort of realizing he was not making a point halfway through the broadcast. I had seen this when I bought the tape from Aes-Nihil but sat riveted last night.

Hypocrisy does that to me.

I submit to you, gentle readers, that Paul is a prime example of what I call the “Nice Guy Con Man.” Dig it.

Paul was not at Tate or LaBianca because he was already sent ahead by his supposed leader Charlie to prepare the group’s escape route to Death Valley.

Instead he found a replacement guru (described on the CNN show as “an old man”- LOL) named Crockett who told him that Charlie was bullshit. Okay.

He by his own admission knew shit had gone on that dark August weekend, but instead of suggesting the police investigate his friends, he stayed in the desert hiding.

He then ratted his news out to the Bug and was one of the main architects of the Helter Skelter theory. Something Charlie probably told him once became the main raison d’etre of the Family and a means for Bug to bury Charlie.

AT THE SAME TIME he went back to the ranch and started banging all the girls again and actually tried to wedge himself in as leader of the Family. When that failed he agreed to testify against Charlie. When that was exposed, somebody supposedly tried to kill him.

Great high drama stuff--- except all it does is establish Paul as a loser playing both sides of the street. Either Charlie is the devil and the Family is evil and you are gonna be a hero to shut them down… or not.

On CNN, near as I could tell, he broke a ten year silence (since writing his book and promoting it) to warn us about Cult like behavior. Telling us (in 1989 no less) that America was experiencing an epidemic of Cults was laughable. Listening to him pretend to recognize a caller named “Jenny” was beyond lame. “I lecture about all this all the time”. Sure you did Paul. In between he mutters that his book was adapted as a script (whatever happened to that movie? No one wanted to support a con man?) and that therapy helps defeats Cults.

I feel bad that the guy died so young at 40. I wonder where Martha Watkins is and whatever happened to his two kids.

But Paul- I’m calling BULLSHIT on ANYTHING you ever said.


Magick_Films said...

I'm listening...I'm listening...

ColScott said...

so is the audience

Magick_Films said...

You're a funny kernal.

Desert Fox said...

Bruce Davis wanted to be a leader of the family. Paul just wanted to get laid. That's all there was too it.