Saturday, October 30, 2010

Script Review- THE FAMILY- Part 1

Screenplay is called THE FAMILY by Scott Kosar based on the book by Ed Sanders. Not sure why since it IS NOTHING like the book.

Screenplay is the FOURTH Draft, most easily available to this reviewer.

No date is available.

First scene is with Dianne Lake in Death Valley in 69, telling us she had some friends but they changed. Then we see Tex driving the girls in the car a few minutes after the Cielo slaughter. Next we slam cut to the HOG FARM where Dianne is 13 ( can you imagine the casting?) and watches her mother screw on the floor.

We're only on page 3 before Kosar decides to let logic lapse completely. You see Dianne goes out on her bicycle from the Hog Farm, in Sunland, and arrives at the dumpster in Topanga where Mary, Katie and Squeaky (he actually has someone call her SQUEAKS- this was of course NEVER done) are diving for chocolate bars (when in fact it was always for veggies). And Dianne has a magic bicycle because of course there's fucking 38 miles between Sunland and Topanga and she isn't even sweating.

Now the Col always thinks montages in the middle of films are lame but Kosar starts his on page fucking 4. A series of vignettes where we meet all the main girls (and Yeller?) who all tell Snake what a great lover Charlie is. Dianne stuffs her bra and hitches to ... The Spiral Staircase where the Family is crashing. WTF? It was a club. Mary and Sandy grab Snake (who is called this even though she hasn't met Charlie yet, who gives her her nickname)

More meeting girls like Cappy. Then Charlie on a bus. He notices her stuffed bra, and then owns her ass.

That's through PAGE 13. Not nearly as bad as Wyman's garbage, but again, Dianne Lake, go get lawyers now! Your lawsuit is guaranteed a home run!

More to Come! Scott looks over us from the photo above, asking why we would question his fictions and lies!

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