Friday, October 29, 2010

Learning Time

Here's an article for you to read and then the Col will help you understand it better on the flip side. Toodles.


Ryan Kwanten joins Manson 'Family'

'True Blood' thesp to star in Scott Kosar's indie drama

Scott Kosar will make his directorial debut on "The Family," an indie drama focusing on the wayward teens who became the Manson Family.

Ryan Kwanten ("True Blood") will play Charles Manson, who was found guilty of conspiracy to commit the Tate/LaBianca murders in 1969. Nicholas Simon ("City of Ghosts") will produce with The Gotham Group. Production's expected to be in Los Angeles next summer.

Kosar's adapted Ed Saunders book "The Family" and emphasized that the pic won't focus on the Manson murders, nor is it a Manson biopic but rather with the Manson Family as a unit.

"It is not a horror film, though the subject is inherently horrific," said Kosar, who stressed that the story foocuses on the victims, particularly Sharon Tate.

"I don't think a responsible movie can be made about this subject without humanizing the victims, which must be done in order to truly convey (as much as a film is able to) the enormity of the tragedy," he added. "This won't be a slasher film, but it won't gloss over the violence either."

Kosar's scripting credits include "The Machinist," "The Amityville Horror" and "The Crazies."

News of Kosar's directing attachment and Kwanten's signing was first reported on the site.

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Okay, now this is some bullshit right here. What happened was a not bright television actor spoke up about possibly doing a film. If you read the article closely, who is paying for this film starring a supporting TV actor? No one. Who is distributing this film? No one. Wait, what about the Gotham Group, they are mentioned! Nope, they are a low level management company that represents animators (!) and seemingly this Kosar chap. They don't finance films.

But then this Kosar guy is a major director right? Nope, never directed a film before in his life. He wrote the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake, which is something he should be ashamed of, not boasting.

Do some googling and you'll see that Fangoria announced this sure to be crapfest back in 2002. AT BEST this article is wishful thinking.

But what it did do is prompt the Col to track down this screenplay. Maybe it would be better that the Brad Wyman shitfest which featured Nancy Pitman as a hell of a nice girl. The film that ALSO never came out.

We'll examine the screenplay over the next few days.

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Pristash said...

Well at least in the article it says Manson was convicted of concpiracy...and not that he killed all those TLB victims.

Finally, a journalist who who is patying attention...