Friday, September 05, 2008

Massive Lying Hypocrite

One-time Manson follower now following Son of Man

The Daily Sentinel

Monday, July 14, 2008

A man who tried to break cult leader and murderer Charles Manson out of jail now reaches into prisons in hopes of saving souls.

Dennis Rice, who served seven years in prison as a result of his ill-starred effort to free Manson, speaks at 7:30 tonight and Wednesday night at The Door Christian Fellowship Church, 1141 N. 25th St., in Grand Junction.

Rice, who became a member of Manson’s infamous family, said he came to believe Manson’s hallmark murders of the riotous 1960s represented nothing less than the Second Coming.

“A lot of the things he said made sense to me,” Rice said of his encounters, first with the news of Manson’s arrest and jailing and then with Manson himself, whom Rice visited in jail before joining his family.

Manson is incarcerated in California for nine murders. He was sentenced to death for the August 1969 fatal stabbings of five people in the home of actress Sharon Tate and the murders the next day of Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. Two other killings also are blamed on Manson, whose death sentence was commuted. He is eligible for parole in 2012.

Manson’s appeal, Rice said, lay in his ability to read the times and take advantage of them.

“He was the king of the rebels,” and his well-known photo from Life Magazine remains an “icon for evil,” Rice said.

Even so, getting to see Manson in jail wasn’t difficult and Rice said he quickly was sold on the message of revolution and setting the country straight, Rice said.

Rice took his four children, then ages 2 to 10, and joined the Manson family, and soon was part of the plot to spring the family’s eponymous leader. Rice and others were captured on Aug. 21, 1971, after a shootout at an Army surplus store in California.

The shootout marked the breakup of the Manson family, which scattered.

Rice’s children eventually were taken into state custody, then reunited in Arizona, where he rejoined them after serving his prison sentence.

During most of his incarceration, Rice remained a loyal member of the Manson family, until he was converted by the writings of another Manson acolyte, Charles “Tex” Watson, who remains in prison.

Other Christians had approached him behind bars, but it wasn’t until he read of Watson’s Christian testimony in a prison evangelical magazine that he began to consider the idea he might have been wrong about Manson and about Christianity.

“One of the hardest things was just admitting that I was wrong,” he said.

Once released, he moved to Arizona and began attending a church.

Even so, it wasn’t until 10 years later that he asked his children if they would oppose him offering public testimony.

“We knew God was real when saw him change our dad,” he remembers them saying.

His children are now engaged in ministry and churches, he said.

Since then, Rice launched Free Indeed Ministries, a nonprofit Christian organization based in Tempe, Ariz., and has a Web site,

He speaks at about 150 prisons per year and will speak to inmates at the Rifle and Delta prisons on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

Manson, said Rice, almost certainly is aware of what his family members are doing.

As to Manson’s true beliefs, Rice said it seems now that he “just tapped into what was going on,” but he was no different from other people in one important way.

“I just think he was deceived,” Rice said. “Just like I was when I was my own God.

“Now I see others as more important than me. That is a miracle.”


No mention of making his four kids live in holes they dug themselves at the ranch or the abuse they suffered while he went and played cops and robbers and left them at the Family. Jesus fucking hates you, Dennis, he told me so.


Pristash said...

Uh oh, Adam Gabriel went underground, Savage is back, Bret is still AWOL, and now Thelma and Louise have disappeared too? What or who is next?

Somebody get Vince Bugliosi back on the case before it is too late!

ColScott said...

whoah slowly
1- Where did Adam go?
2- Where is Jim?
3- Find Bret
4- Thelma what?

Pristash said...

Exactly, Col...exactly.

What is up with the lack of discussion around here lately? Am I the only single account poster? Savage indicates alot of youtube accounts have been closed or inactive for a while.

60skid said...


What is up with the lack of discussion around here lately? Am I the only single account poster? Savage indicates alot of youtube accounts have been closed or inactive for a while.

What is you take on this?

Some people change their user names a lot.Or they lost interest maybe.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

News flash:

Thelma and Louise were having a few spam e-mail issues.

Adam Gabriel played some cheezy pop festival in San Fran over Labor Day weekend. Maybe next year, we'll ask him to Hogg Bash instead.

Ace was having a bad day that involved second degree burns.

But where is Jim?

And now, some words from our sponsor on the nature of bogus Christian conversions:

"Others tried to make people into Gods and Gods into people's play. They just can't see beyond dead gods. They can't accept true or be real in (rune for change). The cross is a fear lock set and meant for women (rightside up cross) and men (upside down cross) and the Abraxas of that is (Korean pictogram for stability). Witches' mind can never be set by the cross. The cold wind's blowing Gods' wrath is ATWA.

Pristash said...

I heard about Thelma and Louise's spam did they have to totally shut down their site? I was digging visiting it while the Col's site kind of slowed down a bit:

Lynrd Skynrd: CLASSIC

Warren Zevon: CLASSIC


SCcatluvr said...

Regarding the slow-down of posts, let me say that I thoroughly enjoy reading this blog, but I've learned my lesson the hard way (thank you, KTS) that you simply don't share your opinion for fear of verbal attack and character assassination. Hope to grow out of that one day. In the meantime, keep blogging, everyone. I suffered a stroke three weeks ago and am recovering at home and reading helps fill the hours.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

They're still there, Pristash, bringing you all the best in classic Rock 'n Roll, funny news clips, Southern Hospitality, and the sideshow to the M-family circus!

60skid said...


My thoughts are with you.I hope you recovery is quick.

Pristash said...

AC! Thanks...I bookmarked it so I don't need to follow it from your blog anymore...yes I dug your labor day pics too!

sccatluvr, welcome, please post. I can't claim that I haven't posted strong messages, but I try to respect everyone and only try to zing people when I truly can't help myself, mostly because of the circumstances, not because it is personal.

I like KTS too but rarely post there because most times they're too busy to discuss the case because they're always trading recipes or some such thing. ZING, badumpbump! See there I go again, I'll try to behave now for a couple of weeks.

ColScott said...

anybody who listens to anything Jim says is an idiot

Bret is missing- we have no idea why. He doesn't answer calls or anything.