Friday, July 11, 2008

The Manson Girls Continues

So the Col hears that the director and producer continue to try to make the Manson Girls movie. You know- the one we provided exclusive script excerpts from that made everyone laugh quite heartily. Lindsay Lohan walked away from this piece of shit, and these guys tried to spin it the other way. And I hear that they added another producer, one that was successfully sued a few years ago for $50 million plus dollars. It's sounds like the dream team- I mean after all, the director was removed from his last film- you don't get better talent than that, right?

Now we hear that rather than risk a lawsuit, the Dream Team has found Nancy Pitman and hired her as a consultant. I mean of all the immoral, evil fucking things I have ever heard. What will the credits say? Nancy Pitman, Convicted Murderess (accessory) (TWO DEATHS) and White Supremacist (Aryan Brotherhood member) who was dancing naked with Manson when the killers returned from slaughtering Sharon Tate - Special Advisor...

There is a good idea for an honest version of this story out there, but making it Nancy's POV is just wrong. Paying her is....sickening.

Excerpt from that Screenplay- did you know that Nancy had four kids to atone for all the killings?


FIFTY FIVE YEAR OLD, NANCY PITTMAN (BRENDA) sits at a table talking to her FOUR CHILDREN; aged from their teens to their 20’s, listening to her in silence.


I try not to dwell on these things I’ve done in my

life, because I know there’s nothing I can do to

change them… Tears are useless… I have to

look ahead...


You’re my children… And you’re the means by

which I’ve tried to atone for the things I’ve done

and the choices I made back when I was a girl…

The kids look at one another in a state of total shock.


And now you know who I am… I hope you won’t

judge me too harshly…



Brenda and Charlie dance in the moonlight.


deadwoodhbo said...

Who wants to see a movie about he so called Manson girls .....Charlie used them for sex and getting more people to live at the ranch.WOW!!! i wish i was a Manson girl and someone was makeing a movie about me.NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for the post Col.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Women can't join the A.B.

What has 50 arms, 50 legs, 90 swastikas and an IQ of 50?

An Aryan Brotherhood meeting!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering...if there was a script out there that laid out the facts not the Helter Skelter theory..but just laid it out there raw and left that motive out. Leaving it to interpretation, or possibly other theories..might that not be a great Movie script/book?
Lay it all out..start early(way back) the ultimate climax to what happened...then let the viewer/reader decide.
Just bring the story to there! ....What lead to the night of the murders... the truth could really be there somewhere...In my mind what a great Read/ Movie!

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Remind me again, just what is it Nancy Pitman has to "attone" for?

Marrying a guy who was a member of the AB?

Accessory to murder?

Dancing with Charles while someone ELSE killed people?

We dance each day, as babies burn alive in Iraq. And eat red meat. And buy products made in China.

And yes, I agree, the consultation is "sickening" although prolly not for the same reasons that the good Colonel considers relevant.

ColScott said...

I don't know- being involved in AT LEAST two murder (plus Shorty?) seems plenty to me

Anonymous said...

AC...I am not going to get into it with you about the red meat other than to mention the natural food chain. Can a lion or tiger become a vegan? No.

Back to the for Nancy Pitman, I am sure any surviving relatives of Lauren Willett might beg to differ with your observation.

Pristash said...,0,5774006.story

BREAKING NEWS: Wow, Bugliosi really goes out of his way here....

Anonymous said...

OK, so I read the story that Pristash provided the link for, and I have this thought...All that's going to be determined is who will pay to cremate Susan Atkins. I understand the outrage, but as taxpayers, do Californians want to continue to pay her medical bills and for her funeral expenses after she dies? The bed she lays paralyzed in can be in a prison hospital or a "regular" hospital.

People are behaving as if she's going to take off for the Bahamas.

mpaul26 said...

Thanks for the invite Col., and hello to everybody,

Great link Pristash, I was gobsmacked to find myself completely in concurrence with the Bug:

" In an e-mail to Atkins' attorney in support of her release, he wrote that the notion that "just because Susan Atkins showed no mercy to her victims, we therefore are duty-bound to follow her inhumanity and show no mercy to her" was wrong, Bugliosi said."

Simultaneously gobsmacked by the supreme irony of this coming from the man whose tales of monsters, demonic powers and pure irredeemable evil have resulted in the continued incarceration of people who, under less hysterical observation, would be out by now.

Clearly I respectfully disagree with you Col. on this issue but isn't it the same demonization techniques originally employed by the Bug that have led to the general acceptance of "Helter Skelter" and the resulting obscufation of the "truth"?


mpaul26 said...

Soz, I obfuscated myself with the misspelling of obfuscation.

Your pretentious fool,


A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Welcome to M Paul!

FrankM said...

Glad not to be the only pretentious fool on this blog


Pristash said...

Pretentious? Perhaps, but if I am not exactly a fool, I have been known to be fool-ish at times.

Unknown said...

Has anyone been watching Ducovney's "Aquarius"garbage? I thought the 1976 "Heater Shelter"*was error filled.